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Heavenly Holiday: Stress is a sure fire holiday bummer

The "Grinch" may have tried to steal Christmas, but stress is equally potent at taking away the joy during the holiday season.
Between combing the aisles for the latest and greatest gift or gadget and starting your holiday meal prep work right around Halloween, the time period leading up to Thanksgiving through the new year is peppered with plenty of nervous energy and flat out angst.
And that doesn't include the prospect of actually traveling out of town during the holiday season.
The thought of taking the holiday show seems like havoc waiting to happen. Booking flights, making arrangements and lugging gifts, and people for that matter, from car to airport to plane without much time in between to catch your breath doesn't exactly fill you with a robust sampling of holiday cheer.
Instead, you're simply too exhausted to enjoy friends or family.

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Some planning ahead, in addition to products aimed to combat holiday stress, could serve as a much needed respite in this regard. Traveling is hard enough, but adding younger, smaller children to the equation only expedites the process from relatively calm to stressed.
Tossing them a toy often isn't the answer and only holds their attention for so long. The thought of a toddler or young child staying content for more than few minutes seems like wishful thinking. Even more ambitious is that they'll be able to resist running through the airport or crawling between the seats at a bus station.
The makers of the uniquely titled "Monkey Mat" developed what has turned out to be a wondrous products for parents who don't mind their kids sitting and playing while they're waiting but would rather them do so with cleanliness in mind. "Monkey Mat" quite simply is a clean, portable surface that rolls out and sits on the floor wherever you may be.
So let's say you finally arrive at your destination and you're ready to get some much needed rest after your long trip. You're ready to relax privately but realize you're cramped space leaves a lot to be desired. If you're at your parents, you may be staying in your old room. That's ironic given that as a kid you probably loved to build forts on your bed or camp out in the backyard under the stars and in your tent.
Privacy Pop manages to meld the tent like design and fort inspired privacy into their aptly titled Privacy Pop Tent, which fits any size bed and gives you a tinge of privacy when you're at a home away from home during the holiday season.
Being away from your home also could spell disaster from a diet standpoint. You're missing your fridge right around the time you've downed a dozen or so Christmas cookies and realize there is no turning back. Before you hit the open food market this holiday season, you may want to pursue "Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People." The title is quite long but there's no shortage of weight loss revelations throughout the pages of this book by Steve Siebold, including holiday tricks of the trade. Some of them include the always important accountability aspect of eating or simply declining a third slice of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. The trick to surviving the holidays so that your diet isn't dead on arrival by the time January 1 hits is to employ moderation and have a game plan before you're stuffed to the gills with guilt.
No one is suggesting that the holiday season should be incredibly regimented or without a sliver of fun to be had. The hope is that the holidays translate into happiness but not at the expense of your sanity.

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