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Crooked Smile: Taking care of your teeth anything but trivial

Your teeth are tired of being overlooked.
That idle chatter you hear between your ears when you've decided to cancel yet another dentist appointment probably is your teeth begging you to reconsider.
Your teeth enjoy being white, and having a killer smile can go a long way to personal and professional excellence. Nothing kills a job interview or first date quite like a smile that is followed by a loud shriek when your potential employer or would be boyfriend or girlfriend, respectively, see that you're missing a few front teeth.
Something else is missing, too, if you're deciding to skip brushing regularly, flossing or regular checkups: common sense.
Far too many in the United States opt out of dental coverage or actually relish in the notion that they haven't visited a dentist in years. Teeth often are taken for granted as more utilitarian than a privilege, thus the neglect of even the simplest tasks to keep those chompers strong and, most importantly, securely in place.

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Twice a year checkups are a must, and most of them are covered under dental plans. Those checkups include cleanings without any additional charge, and your teeth will thank you for it by not falling out or rotting away from the root.
For cosmetic reasons, you'd be wise to steer clear of coffee, tea, soda or wine, all of which stain your teeth over time. The key to enjoying those drinks is moderation; your teeth won't mind a sporadic cup of coffee or glass of wine but not to the point that your smile suffers as a result.
Dr. Kevin Sands is a dentist to the stars so to speak as his cosmetic dentistry wonders have reached the likes of Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. Aside from his A list set of dental clients, Sands stands pat for a number of nervous habits that are almost as bad as not brushing or taking care of your teeth in the traditional manner.
Using your teeth to bite, tear or rip anything from a roll of tape to a plastic tag on a shirt is frowned upon. That also goes for chomping hard on ice or grinding your teeth to a screeching halt.
Think of it this way: would you rather bite the bullet and see the dentist twice a year for a preventative check up or gladly sign over your life savings for a series of eventual root canals, fillings or false teeth for years to come?
That's not exactly a plan worth sinking your teeth into.

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