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Why Weight Training Means Not Waiting For Results

Larger than most pre-workout waistlines is the misnomer that weight training is only associated with muscle-bound men headed for a tryout with the WWE.
Squats, dead-lifts, bicep curls and leg presses all sound like great exercises for the male species, as opposed to their female counterparts. They typically spend more times combing the health club walls in search of Zumba classes, Step aerobics or any number of cardio machines -- stair climbers, elliptical and treadmills - lined up nicely along the wall.
Of course, for either sex, cardio is associated with weight loss, which ranks as the number one reason most people buy a gym membership or begin a workout program. But women typically stay far away from weight rooms or anything that looks like a plate-loaded machine or dumbbell.
The most common reason is one that should be tattooed on the "why am I not losing weight" wall of fame: "it's going to make me look to bulky."
Fact: weight training is the best way to tone, shape and lose weight in one fell swoop. Something as simple as a dead lift or squat engages multiple muscle groups, which is the key to burning fat -- even more so than 60 minutes on a Life Fitness Treadmill or another 30 in a Body Pump class courtesy of Les Mills. That said, there's nothing wrong with an injection of cardio as part of the workout. The key word in that sentence isn't "cardio," but rather the word "part." Cardio should be at the tail-end of your regimen: it shouldn't define your workout.

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Another typical pratfall of cardio and group fitness classes is the social aspect of both. Far too many times within the confines of a gym, chatting takes precedence over churning out a gut-wrenching workout. Health clubs are meant as a place for you and your goals to amicable congregate; not to discuss the latest episode of the Bachelor or Bachelorette -- take your pick on that one.
Women who remain focused on the task at hand and deviate from the norm to hit the weight room find their workouts to be more driven, precise and efficient. More important, those same exercise programs are riddled with results. The potential to be lured away by a group of friends isn't quite as potent when they're nowhere to be found. That's not to suggest you can't include a group of female friends to follow your path; just as long as they don't slow you down.
Men are equally as bad in the weight rooms. A 45-minute workout typically takes 2-3 hours thanks to spending more time churning out sports or TV rhetoric in favor of curling a few more dumbbells.
More working out -- less talking; a plan perfect for any gender. Women, especially, find themselves targeting those "trouble" areas in an area of the gym they would never think about visiting.

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