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Viewer Discretion: Technology and TV combine for safer content for children

Parents have plenty to worry about when it comes to their kids. Television shouldn't have to be one of those things.
But ultimately, it is.
The days of the wholesome, family sitcom have been supplanted by reality television and content that is questionable at best. Television and movie ratings help some but hardly provide much of a barrier. Ratings mostly are for parents to see and thus forbid kids from watching various programs.
Technology, coupled with much more competent, savvier kids, usually provides just enough of a detour around parents' supervision for children to watch what they want, unbeknownst to mom and dad.
Mom and dad, too, typically try their best to monitor what kids are watching, but today's parents are pressed for time, and watching every move a child makes is hardly practical when juggling anything from multiple jobs to a plethora of routine, daily events.

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So how do parents keep their kids from watching television that isn't acceptable?
The key to keeping kids at bay when it comes to inappropriate content as it pertains to movies and television rests on two aforementioned entities: parents and technology.
As much as technology, gadgets specifically, hurts the cause of trying to keep kids honest with their television and movie habits, it also can help. The amount it can help varies, depending on the wherewithal and commitment from mom and dad.
Major cable television players such as Verizon and Comcast, along with satellite dish superstars Direct TV and Dish Network, employ technology that allows mom and dad to lock various channels, the ones they don't want their kids watching.
Whether or not parents take a few minutes to utilize this feature will determine the fate of their kids' viewing habits. The only caveat to this is if parents choose to watch a debatable program with kids and offer explanation to what is being shown.
The bigger issue isn't so much cable TV in the traditional sense but rather Netflix and other streaming type programming that can be accessed from a smart phone or tablet. The content of today's backpacks hardly harken back to simpler times as most are filled with more frivolous technology than folders and books.
Once again, the parents need to be proactive in this regard and begin researching child friendly options. One that stands out is Kidoodle.TV, which is designed for kids. Not only are all of the programs incredibly suitable for children, but the service is simple enough for kids to navigate through and use as their own. Parents simply subscribe, sit back and relax, while kids watch with no worries.
Thankfully, one less item for mom and dad to fret over.

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