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Food for Thought: Shopping smart for food and eating right often combats most disease

Living with a particular disease or ailment doesn't necessarily mean you have to change or alter every aspect of your daily life.
Maybe just what you eat.
Medication for such afflictions as Type 2 Diabetes, Crohn's Disease or heart disease might be a necessity, but the implementation of a healthier diet might just be what the doctor ordered.
And, he or she probably will.
Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of the disease; 90% of most diabetes cases are of the Type 2 variety. In addition to varying degrees of medication, doctors will recommend changes to your diet. Those who heed that advice arguably will feel better and experience a better quality of life, despite the disease.

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Eating with Type 2 Diabetes can be struggle in and of itself, but research and experts in the field yield realistic, low carbohydrate options to battle blood sugar issues. The "Diabetes Comfort Food Diet CookBook," by Laura Cipullo lends itself to offering snacks that are practical and pleasing in one fell swoop.
Cipullo, a nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, recommends items such as popcorn, Greek yogurt and Kashi cereal as realistic options for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Other foods worth noting include beans, oatmeal and fish to help from spikes in blood sugar.
Aside from Type 2 Diabetes, digestive health is a growing concern as more Americans have struggled with stomach ailments, such as the aforementioned Crohn's Disease, IBS or Colitis. Processed food and diets high in fat play a remarkable role in contributing to these diseases, as does a predisposition based on family history and genetics.
Much like Type 2 Diabetes, diet isn't meant to cure something like Crohn's Disease but rather help you better manage it. Foods high in fiber often aggravate Crohn's Disease, and doctor's recommend thoroughly cooking vegetables, rather than eating them raw. Fruit fall under that same preparation recommendation.
Incorporating a diet low in fat, devoid of heavy, starchy fried foods and still including fruits and vegetables puts Crohn's Disease and other stomach or digestive disorders rightfully in their place. Avoiding alcohol and smoking is paramount as both can lengthen painful flares of pain caused by digestive diseases.
Furthermore, probiotics get a passing grade as a necessary dietary aid in foods for those who struggle with stomach problems. Probiotics help replenish "good" bacteria back into your body. Yogurt is the most common spot for probiotics, and supplements certainly provide ample support. USANA Health Sciences, a leader in the health and nutrition field, pieced together a powerful probiotic supplement that is formulated to last longer than most.
Today's physicians are just as quick to pull out a prescription bad as they are a picture of the food pyramid to show patients that a combination of medication and a more balanced food itinerary is the most effective balance between succumbing to symptoms, as opposed to fighting back and flourishing each day.

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