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Healthyween: The new face of Halloween is a slimmed down version

If you don't recognize that carved face on your carved pumpkin, it's probably because it looks a lot less chubby.
Yes, the few face of Halloween is upon us.
As the October 31 trick or treat festivities draw near, with kids combing the streets in search of candy and adults frequenting costume parties, Halloween still showcases the staples that it is known for but includes a few tweaks here and there.
Delusions of diving into a pile of sugary candy bars and high fructose fun has been supplanted by a penchant of candy givers to buy alternatives to Hersey Bars in an attempt to keep kids fitter.
And themselves.

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Houses across the county make it a point to buy Halloween candy for kids strolling from house to house but also keep their own needs in the back of their minds. That said, a majority of the consumers, with Thanksgiving and the holidays looming large for your waistline, typically try to buy candy that won't leave them with lethargic leftover options.
Giving kids apples or bananas in their Halloween bag is downright frightful but that doesn't mean fruit snacks, pretzels or even dried fruit can suffice instead of candy. Pretzels are a bit bland but still passable, while dried fruit feels like at least a little work was involved in preparation. Most fruit snacks include essential vitamins for kids but are astutely marketed and packaged to the point kids don't bother to read the nutritional labels.
Welch's Fruit Snacks securely own the top spot as far as branding, marketing and taste in this particular field. The marketing and branding comes in the form of individual sized packages tailor made with Halloween in mind. It also doesn't hurt that the snacks aren't subdued by a chalky, fruitless taste.
Spectrum Group, a marketing and research firm, confirms this with recent study that shows more than half of the population is headed in the direction of fruit snacks or pretzels versus chocolate and candy. Spectrum Group goes on to state that the Halloween decorating is down as far as participants and turning their homes into modern day haunted houses.
And thus the modern day Halloween is upon you; it is still filled with plenty of scary sights and sounds but seemingly a little light on lavish d├ęcor and indulging kids and adults to healthier treats.

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