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In the Bag: You are what your handbag says

If women value shoes as their most prized accessory, handbags easily reign as a close second.
Nothing pulls together a particular look or style quite like the perfect purse, handbag, wristlets or bag. Your bag says a lot about your fashion sense, temperament, or, for practical reasons, exactly what you have planned for the day.
Does your handbag truly define you this much? Absolutely.
Oversized handbags or totes that double as purses probably mean you've stored away pretty much every necessity you think you'll need, even if your trip out of the house lasts less than an hour. It could also signal that you're maybe in need of a little organization. Unless you're headed to the beach for the day, your handbag probably shouldn't be overflowing with unnecessary items.
The choice of leather could translate into a few different ideologies from its owner: perhaps you're a business woman who shouldn't be trifled with or you spend your summers and the fall flaunting your leather bag on the back of a Harley Davidson.

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The season you're in also can determine which bag or color scheme sits well with not only you but the fashion police you believe is constantly following you (don't worry, unless you're on the E! Network, they're not). But that doesn't mean you can't employ an aptitude for accessories such as handbags, even if you're not being watched by Joan Rivers.
Those on the fashion fast lane straight to runway stardom should steer in the direction of Fall designs and colors that are trendsetters for the season. Online retailers revel in the opportunity to showcase their plethora of handbags as part of their overall inventory. ShopKaloo.com rises to the occasion as far as an eclectic mix of bags, clutches and bag for varying taste, without ignoring your propensity to pick a handbag that speaks to you and about you.
The flip side to focusing on fashion are women who unimaginably opt to forgo a purse of any size or shape and opt for what they believe is convenience: the grocery store tote bag or, worse yet, an actual plastic bag. What often is viewed as a quick, admirable stopgap between finding something stylish and being incredibly short on time actually comes across more like sadness meets unsanitary.
Dressing down your handbag doesn't mean you have sacrifice looking remarkable and savvy. Rather than have your sanity questioned for toting around a glorified garbage bag, gravitate toward Street Level Bags, featured on the Cameo Nouveau web site. They're colorful, cool and ferociously fun with a wide array of styles, including the popular cross body bag and some seriously superb totes.
Who says practical can't double as perfection when it comes to your ensemble?
And nothing is wrong with a bag that is practical in the sense that you'd like to carry around medication, for example, but do so without looking like an on call nurse. Finding that handbag or purse could prove daunting, but AllerMates showcases a Grab and Go medicine Bag that is small, light and features tremendous diversity as far as storage. The outside is a festive red color, with light blue trim that probably will get plenty of double takes once you tell someone it is for medicine, rather than an every day, carry all bag.
No matter if you're carefully selecting a purse predicated on a red carpet event or need something for the little events life throws your way, your handbag hardly embodies a throwaway thought process. It's a decision that doesn't carry the weight of the world, but still is important enough so you don't have to shoulder the burden of a bad bag decision.

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