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Into the Mild: Modern day camping gets makeover

At its purest and most primal form, camping adheres to a minimalistic mentality that focuses on braving the elements with perhaps only a sleeping bag, modest tent and a frying pan in tow.
No stove.
No bed.
No furniture.
Today's camping hardly resembles its predecessor. In fact, you could argue that camping has morphed into simply transferring everything from your house to your camp site. Think of it like an "everything, including the kitchen sink" mindset.

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This version of camping has been christened "glamping," which simply is camping with a more glamorous appeal. Your tent no longer is simple nylon and poles but rather is a complete 180 degree turn from the camping norm.
"Roughing it" has been supplanted by "Restful and Relaxation" when discussing camping. No one certainly can argue from a popularity and marketing standpoint why the shift from camping to glamping has occurred. An entirely new audience has quickly embraced camping, now that it has received what some could argue as a much needed makeover.
The idea of sleeping on the ground and cooking over an open camp fire probably doesn't appeal to the masses. Injecting the notion that you can become one with the outdoors without going outside makes camping quite the draw since tents hardly look primitive, and "glamping" also includes high end huts or quarters that are more reminiscent of hotels.
Not only has glamping opened up an entire new crowd to the idea of "camping," but retailers have reveled in increased sales of equipment, clothing and technology that compliments this trend. The clothing is hardly mundane outerwear but rather focuses on the new fans of camping with stylish accessories to match the new look tents and technology.
Online retailer CameoNouveau.com is quick to point to its inventory of glamping items that easily make you forget that you're not decked out from head to toe in less than fashionable garb. From duffel bags to decorative watches, CameoNouveau.com is camping with a new found flare.
Sporting good stores certainly appreciate the influx of new customers as well. Even though they're not promoting and peddling the same merchandise as CameoNouveau.com, the likes of Dick's Sporting Goods aren't opposed to carrying products that play into "glamping."
You'll still have a good portion of the population that isn't infatuated with the upscale version of camping and would rather stick to sitting around a campfire, rather than summoning room service. Kudos to those for keeping camping simple and honest to its roots. There's nothing wrong with "glamping" as it stands; it just should set up its tent far away from traditional camping as possible.

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