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Shooting Down The Myth On Energy Shots

Pushing through that final few hours at work or staying alert for late-evening dinner plans proves taxing for the hard-working adult. Even the most motivated person needs a pick-me-up from time to time.
Enter 5-Hour Energy and the day seems suddenly extended.
5-Hour Energy promotes itself as an all-natural supplement in the form of a quick shot solution. It differs from several similar products in that it is not a drink or isn't overly big in stature.
In a day and age when most drinks have scary words like "monster" and "adrenaline" attached to them, 5-Hour Energy opted for a simple marketing slogan. The company that produces 5-Hour Energy sticks to a game plan that promotes a healthier version of sucking down one cup of coffee after another.
Along with its marketing prowess that includes TV commercials and a low price point, 5-Hour Energy has distribution in just about every store, gas station, health club and retail outlet in the country.

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5-Hour Energy reveals that its product isn't filled with carbohydrates or sugar as its main source of energy. 5-Hour Energy is equivalent to about 2-3 cups of coffee. The evolution of 5-Hour Energy includes the product being offered in various flavors including the much-loved bubble gum.
Those who use 5-Hour Energy endorse it wholeheartedly as a godsend, a product that keeps the day moving quickly and don't include a typical "crash" associated with most caffeine-filled drinks.
The sailing isn't all smooth for 5-Hour Energy, as the energy shot mixes it up with critics who claim everything from crashing to death as a result of using the product. For the record, the latter accusation hasn't been proven and thus stands as more hearsay than fact.
5-Hour Energy isn't a product designed for use for all ages and demographics. Obviously, the item isn't recommended for pregnant women and younger children, who aren't able to tolerate the concentrated caffeine.
The other aspect of 5-Hour Energy is the consumption. The product is meant as a one-time energy shot, not something that is consumed one after another throughout the entire day. 5-Hour Energy, whether on the web site or the bottle itself, specifically addresses customers to not take more than two bottles over the course of 24 hours or an entire day.
The key to any product or nutritional supplement like 5-Hour Energy is using it correctly and in moderation. Those who struggle with fatigue on a daily basis may want to try an alternative to 5-Hour Energy or unabashed propensity for caffeine drinks such as exercise or food rich in natural sugars such as apples, strawberries or mango.
As for 5-Hour Energy, the product proves potent and, aside from some unfounded claims, is one of the more honest and tested energy drinks on the market.

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