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Mommy Dearest: Healthy eating, exercise is paramount when pregnant

From diet to exercise, moms to be are carrying more than just baby weight for he next nine months.
They've got plenty more weighing on their minds.
Keeping healthy, fit and focused during pregnancy isn't a case of stating the obvious but rather emphasizing the essentials for women to ensure the health of themselves and their pending bundle of joy.
The most common mistake when it comes to eating and diet during pregnancy is the "eating for two" mentality. There's no question that you'll be hungrier during pregnancy, but that hardly is a green light to hit the snacks, fatty food or salty treats.
It simply means you should be eating more but of the healthier variety. It's important to discuss with your doctor what constitutes safe weight gain as it relates to your height, frame and body type.

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In addition to ingesting ample amounts of fruits, vegetables and proteins, moms might want to take a long, hard look at additional supplements beyond a simple multivitamin. Two on top of that list are USANA Probiotics and its sugar free and dairy free product that promote digestive health, along with BabyCare Prenatal Essentials. The latter is rich in antioxidants.
While no one would suggest stocking up on sugary foods during pregnancy, carbohydrates shouldn't be skipped. The already health conscious would be mom who already employed a low carb lifestyle might have to indulge herself as far as breads, cereals and pastas are concerned. The simple solution to the carbohydrate debate is to choose from the ones that are rich in fiber and of the whole wheat variety.
Make it a point to also eliminate caffeine as part of your daily diet regimen as well as smoking or drinking if applicable.
What else shouldn't you skip while pregnant? Exercise. A typically flawed sense of logic is opting out of an exercise program for fear that the baby could be hurt or compromised as part of an intense workout. Hitting the Iron Man circuit in your eighth or ninth month probably isn't a safe bet, but that doesn't mean the first few weeks or months of pregnancy can't include brisk walking, low impact cardio such as using an elliptical or even Yoga or Pilates classes that focus on stretching and meditation. Swimming also stands out as a logical option since there is no impact, coupled with ample calories burned.
Between maintaining or improving your diet and exercising, you ideally should get plenty of rest and relaxation time before the baby is born. You'll certainly be glad you did.

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