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Inspiring Minds Want to Know: Can social networking increase your motivation?

Those not familiar with social media or the ones who generalize its functionality probably don't put much stock in it. That demographic doesn't see the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest as much more than 15 minutes of fame gone horribly wrong and much longer than a few minutes.
A closer look past the inane status updates about brushing teeth or Vine video messages that look like bad DVD deleted scenes yields a much more optimistic and dimensional view of social media.
Beneath the silliness of social media is a level of inspiration, education and teaching that is intelligent and mindful, amidst the mindless.
Pinterest might be the most appropriate example as it steers clearly of shameless self promotion and actually targets the DIY (do it yourself) crowd with everything from recipes to recommendations on various projects such as arts and crafts, home improvement or suggestions for workout programs. Pinterest is more about motivating you to complete the task at hand or perhaps give you a new perspective on a previously perceived mundane task.
The same could be said for the aforementioned Vine or even YouTube. Often, these video based social media sites draw a more flippant demographic with messages or videos rooted in the ridiculous. YouTube probably wasn't created solely for watching backyard wrestling but rather meant as a means of communicating talent. That still exists to a degree as former unknowns, such as Justin Bieber, who were essentially discovered thanks to the social media video site and thus transformed into a worldwide superstar.

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That kind of result often is the catalyst for others to showcase their skills via YouTube or Vine in the hopes of following in the footsteps of the famous. You could argue that the odds are nearly insurmountable, but it only takes one set of eyes to propel you to stardom.
Those same eyes could need a bit of motivation for something as simple as fitness or just a quick picture to inspire them to get through the trials and tribulations of a taxing daily routine. The power of pictures play into social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in that even the worst of days can seem take a turn for the better just by feasting your eyes on something funny, cute or empowering.
That seems to be the mentality of the "We Heart It" app, which is a dynamic meld of smart phone and tablet applications and the infusion of energy through social media. If you're struggling to find your way toward a weight loss or fitness goal, you can search a keyword in that regard and potent pictures will populate to give you that extra incentive toward greatness.
And at the end of the day, socialization is about human contact, emotion and the ability to transfer positivity from one person to another. Thankfully, some social media follows that same prototype.

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