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Kickstart My Heart: Turning your passionate business plan into reality isn't impossible

The old adage that says "beggars can't be choosers" suggests that if you're in no place to negotiate or have limited resources, you have to accept anything you can get.
That same phrase pretty much sums up the driving force behind "crowdfunding," a popular phrase that has allowed upstart businesses across the country with the opportunity watch their dreams transform into reality thanks to donations received via the internet.
Kickstarter and Indiegogo resides as the two most prominent players in the crowdfunding market. These online platforms give would be entrepreneurs exposure and, more importantly, the ability to pitch their products and gain financial backing for marketing, prototypes or promotion to get their idea off the ground. These online sites differ from gaining financial backers or investors; crowdfunding allows you, the owner of the product or business, to keep total control of your brainchild.
A "Shark Tank," this is not.
Instead, you're free to swim at your own pace and with whomever you want, and the end result should still be the same: money for your business.

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Kickstarter and Indiegogo reside as renowned breaths of fresh air for those who think big but aren't exactly in a cash flow position to turn what looks good on paper into reality. To date, Kickstarter has helped thousands of companies or individuals carve a niche in various markets through their assistance. Not everyone has achieved their funding goals, but the ones who have would swear by Kickstarter and its aptitude for the amazing. Before the crowdfunding movement, these previously untapped products probably would have never seen the light of day.
Today, they're beaming.
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of crowdfunding and sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo isn't so much how they work to achieve monetary goals but rather infuse the marketplace with products that hardly are laughable or lighthearted.
This isn't the "As Seen on TV" silliness but rather tangible, tantalizing items that serve a distinct purpose in their respective fields. From electronics to musicians in search of funding for their first EP, Kickstarter isn't frivolous or for the fleeting but rather persons and projects determined to showcase real staying power.
Take the Citytube bag which was launched through Kickstarter. This bag could very well be the last one you ever buy since it is littered with a plethora of pockets big enough for a tablet or umbrella and small and secure enough for your wallet or keys. Everything has a distinct spot, including a "rollmatic" keychain system for easy access to your house or car keys. Made for men and women, the storage possibilities with Citytube seem realistically endless.
These products are practical, as with Citytube, and equally creative. BAO Candles is a part of the Kickstarter family, and they're hardly your average item. BAO Candles differ from their competitors in the candle market since not only are the candles made of soy wax but also double as a piece of jewelry. Once candle burns down completely, a unique, superb piece of jewelry emerges as an added bonus.
It's the type of forward thinking from Citytube and BAO Candles that highlight exactly why the importance of crowdfunding can't be overstated.
Who would have thought to put jewelry inside of a candle?
Who wouldn't want a storage bag that is brilliant enough to carry virtually anything you may need, no matter how long or short of a trip you're about to embark upon?
It's this type of showmanship, marketing and business acumen that drives economic empowerment and leads to innovators shaping future generations of sales, service and technology. Not everyone can emulate the trajectory of Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs.

Thanks to crowdfunding, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, finding the next brilliant mind might not be quite as difficult.

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