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Debunking The Diet: Losing weight isn't complicated; you just make it that way

You could argue that dieting is the ultimate act of selflessness.
You know how much you love pizza, burgers, French fries and ice cream, but you've decided to come clean with your body and eat clean for increased vitality, energy and lifespan.
Although you may not know it, your body is thankful for your forthright decision, even if not all of your working parts are totally on board with this health oriented decision.
Your stomach and brain tell you otherwise in terms of opting out of fatty, fried foods or delicious sweet and salty treats. They'll tell you how delicious all of those foods can be, and by depriving yourself of them is nothing short of silliness.
Quite the ongoing tug of war is occurring within the confines of little, old you. The real battle that wages on is on that doesn't have to bubble over into another version of the Hatfield and McCoys but rather could be solved with one simple philosophy: stop dieting.

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The word "dieting" is directly related to depravity and denying yourself food. The negative connotative meaning behind the word is truthfully why so many people either steer completely clear of diets or simply can't stick with them.
Dieting, for all intent and purposes, is the crash course version of a healthier lifestyle, a way to quickly make up for years of poor decision making when it comes food within a few weeks or months. Dieting equates to short term change; adopting a healthier lifestyle is the long term approach that equals winning not only the battle of the bulge but also the entire war.
This means an eating plan devoid of radical change but rather a gradual introduction to better foods and ones that actually can work for, rather than against, you. Something as simple as an apple is just as sweet and savory as candy but actually promotes weight loss and increased amounts of fiber. Your fiber intake and drinking water throughout the day is directly related to dropping pounds and getting your metabolism quickly off the ground. Foods such as raspberries, green beans or chick peas are more than just passable as far as replacements in your diet when it comes to losing a few pants sizes.
No one says fiber has to be flimsy or flawed as far as taste goes, either. Cooking a side dish of green beans in olive oil and dousing them with salt, pepper and a little parmesan cheese might just make you forget about that fatty macaroni and cheese.
As much as fiber is king of weight loss and adopting a lifestyle change that is deemed more than just a "diet," protein builds muscles and helps keep the weight off as well. Protein, unlike fiber, is linked more to weight loss as far as snacking goes. It's not often you hear someone say, "I need a snack; how about some fiber?" More often than not, protein lends itself to snacking in the form of yogurt, a few slices of turkey or even almonds or nuts.
The University of Missouri and its Department of Nutrition and Exercise confirmed this sentiment with a study that grouped together healthy women and watched as the Greek Yogurt consumed left them feeling incredibly full and fulfilled, versus the yogurt a little lower on the protein scale.
The adoption of a change in your eating habits for the long term takes a calculated, focused ideology but certainly is prone to needing some help along the way. Diet pills and quick fixes aren't the answer, but that doesn't mean that certain safe appetite suppressants and products that help in the weight loss process are off limits.
Items such as "It Works" Body Wraps help with the reduction of cellulite and excess skin for those in the midst of losing weight and simply want to tighten skin. Initially, when you're in the midst of changing how you eat for good, you may want to use a product to put your appetite in check. Sensa is a proven winner, along with the similar Spray Thin. That assistance might not be a product as much as it is expert advice. Pooja Mottl is a chef that specializes in natural foods and authored "The 3-Day Reset: Restore Your Cravings for Healthy Foods in Three Easy, Empowering Days." That sounds like the kind of sentiment tailor made for the segment of the population that needs guidance in getting thin and keeping the weight off for good.
And, ultimately, isn't that the goal when it comes to incorporating a better quality of life long term through eating well?
Once you find that balance, your struggle from within when it comes to food and temptation begins to finally tail off.

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