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Fixer Upper: Little annoyances no longer stand much chance

To every man or women who has pensively reviewed an important presentation, only to find a few minutes beforehand that they're tie or blouse is both stylish and stained, you certainly can appreciate the fine art of thinking eliminating little irritations that grate at you throughout a random work day.
Yes, Tide Sticks for everyone.
That savior of a stain removing pen is just one small sample of products that prove especially potent to help solve any problem when seemingly no solution is available. You've all been in situations before where something happens, nothing catastrophic by any means, and you simply don't know how you're going to fix it.
Suddenly, you realize you've thought ahead, and a product or just some flat out quick thinking keeps your day humming along without so much as breaking a sweat.
Everyone loves a good stain removing pen in a pinch, but what do you do if something even worse, and more embarrassing, happens? Like the zipper on your pants breaks. You know that feeling, when the zipper falls off the tracks, and you're painfully struggling to find a starting point to no avail. This, of course, is equally annoying when it happens to your jacket or a bag you're carrying. The jacket is especially frustrating since you basically have to rip the coat apart to get the zipper back to square one at the bottom of the coat.

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Thankfully, FixnZip eliminates the zipper disaster before anyone even notices, no matter what size piece of clothing you're using it for or how bad the zipper is broken.
Although not as sophisticated as FixnZip, the population that works outdoors in the rain and cold would go to great lengths to keep their feet dry, no matter the conditions. A few easy steps to keeping your toes toasty and devoid of dampness during rainy fall days or wet winters is placing a plastic bag around your foot before stuffing it into your boots. You may be thinking, why not just buy waterproof boots? That's certainly a strong option, but even the best boots that promise waterproof attributes aren't full proof. If the plastic bag doesn't appeal to you, then try wrapping electrical tape around the bottom of your boots, all the way around. This keeps moisture out, and the cost and upkeep is hardly worth mentioning. Your feet certainly won't mind, either.
Someone that may mind if you're dozing off during an important meeting is your boss. If you're feeling a little sluggish and are having a hard time keeping your eyes open, maybe you should try ditching the coffee or energy drink and instead do something a little healthier and much easier: get up and walk around, or maybe even do a few pushups privately if that's possible.
Just a little bit of exercise, such as a 10 or 20 second walk or five pushups, puts your game face back on within the office and saves your heart from skipping several beats by not only pleasing your boss but opting out of guzzling an energy drink.
Often times, in the heat of the moment, you fail to think practically when a solution might be right at your fingertips. The flip side is finding just the right product that quickly facilitates a dilemma into a problem solved.

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