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Amazingly Accessible: Accessories aren't just meaningless sidekicks to style

The holiday season, for some men, is just as frightening as Halloween.
As guys, you tend to over think the pending purchase to the point that you spend hours upon hours wandering around the department store or mall with little or nothing to show for your time.
You're too busy searching for perfection, when really all you need is a dose of practicality.
What's the best approach for buying accessories for her? They certainly can vary depending on the item.
When it comes to holiday buying for your girlfriend, fiancé or wife, you don't want to skimp or come across as being cheap, so name brand buys tend to go a long way. But even the most designer and fashionable purse, wallet or other accessory that is paramount to her wardrobe isn't going to garner much fanfare if it doesn't help simplify her day to day routine.

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The purse and wallet often are classic buying blunders by guys. Don't buy big if she is constantly toting around a small purse or wristlet. The opposite of that advice also rings true; if she's a big purse kind of gal, try to keep that in mind with your purchase.
As for wallets, going with a brand name will never steer you in the wrong direction, but make sure there's plenty of space for her essentials, namely license, credit and debit cards and the all important change purse. The most imperative thing you can do as a guy is pay attention to how she maneuvers through her wallet or purse. If she's always fumbling around, looking for something or seems lost at every turn, then buying a wallet that promotes organization seems like perfect sense.
Accessories such as jewelry, watches and shoes, scarfs or gloves can be a tough road ahead for guys, especially with clothing. If you're not adept at knowing what's in style for a particular season, it is probably best to ignore the urge to buy clothing. The last thing you want to give her is an awful sweater with a Christmas tree or kitten on it simply because you decided on quirky and cute over fashionable and stylish.
Once again, buying something that is universally accepted should be a starting point. If you've bothered to pay attention to how she dresses or her color scheme, then begin with a simple scarf or a watch that goes with her style. The Swiss Watch is always a safe choice, but not because the watch brand lacks pizazz or intensity. The Swiss Watch rules all aspects of the watch spectrum with its winter line that includes designs known as "Retro Touch" and "Adrenaline Rush." The former is classic and is relevant no matter year it might be, while the latter is strength and power personified. All of those attributes also apply to the Raymond Weil watches, which wow women with their Lady Phase de Lune line.
Shoes are the great unknown for guys, unless of course you're opting to buy her running or athletic shoes. That is probably the easiest path for men when it comes to shoes. Unless you truly can summon your inner fashion conscious, you'd be wise to leave the shoe buying up to professionals. In this case, that's her. For most women, shoes are near and dear to their hearts, almost an obsession of sorts. The shoe buying process is a magic, retail epiphany that women want to cherish as their own.
That same sentiment doesn't apply to something like a scarf, which sounds simplistic at first but, like most accessories, could send you into a tailspin while shopping. Plaid or solid color? What material should you buy?
Here's an even more important question: what if you could score a seriously stylish scarf that doubles as a place to store your stuff? That seems like Mission Impossible like orders, but the Sholdit brand made it happen. Not only are the scarfs for women sleek and superb, but they're equipped with storage for keys, cell phones or other necessities you need to have when taking a full purse isn't convenient.
As gift giving season approaches, men can toughen up a bit now that they're in the loop as far as what to buy so they're not taken to task. Feeling of fright, timidness and flat out fear quickly subside when they realize there's nothing scary about securing a holiday gift that shows you've been paying attention all year long.

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