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Cheering Section: When baby clothes and accessories meets sports, it is a home run

In the midst of the NFL 2013 season and with the World Series underway, sports fans can't find much reason to miss even a snap or one single pitch.
Except one: their baby.
Diligent dads don't let sports get in the way of helping mom with a middle of the night diaper change or disrupting a much needed feeding schedule, but they're still never too far away from their smart phone or a TV just to get a quick sports score update.
But don't let sports overrun their mindset 24 hours a day or seven days a week. That is likely to produce a final score they'll not soon forget.
Mom 1, Dad 0.

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Even the most rambunctious and raucous proud papa can put his sports insanity to good use in the form of baby related sports products, which allows him to deck out his son, or daughter, from head to toe in the duds that his favorite teams or players wear daily or weekly.
The most fanatic, sports minded connoisseur simply can't resist the urge to perfectly meld his obsession with football, baseball or hockey and their newborn child into one remarkable entity, quickly turning their little bundle of joy into a baby sized mascot within months of birth.
Thankfully, these sports junkies hardly have to look high and low for sports related paraphernalia as the major sports, the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, have marketed their brand for the use of everything and anything baby related.
From bed sheets to pillowcases or a plethora of perfectly crafted clothing, your little one is well on their way to being a big time fan. The official sites of the previously mentioned sports leagues dedicate specific pages to baby items, and you could argue that the selection rivals that of the guys or girls addicted to that particular sport.
If you're a fan of more than one league or team, you may want to search online for a retailer that lumps together officially licensed material for multiple sports in one convenient store. Babysports101.com quickly comes to mind, since customers can shop for a variety of sports and equally diverse product line. Babysports101.com also includes NASCAR and Harley Davidson as part of their inventory.
For something even more specific, Chewbeads chomps up the competition with its extensive line of non-toxic jewelry for moms that is safe for babies to gnaw on while they're teething. Chewbeads caters to more than just moms with its loveable line of teethers that feature various Major League Baseball team logos, including this year's World Series representatives the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox.
Who knew showing your support could start quite that young?
If you ask the parent who doubles as a sports fan, you're never too young to root for your favorites.

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