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Core Concerns: Apple still scores, but they're losing a bit of their swagger

Apple always has been accustomed to being the software and technology brand that takes huge bites out of its competitors. Now, Apple is the one watching its heels get consistently nipped at by the likes of Motorola and Samsung.
No one is going to argue that Apple is still is a household name and even a whiff of a would be press conference from the company generates buzz as consumers anxiously anticipate the next great product.
At least they once did. Some pundits of the company will point to the death of Steve Jobs as the moment when Apple lost its moxie and vision.
Regardless of the reasoning, Apple seemingly is short on its luster, and the next wondrous, awe inspiring innovation isn't anywhere on the itinerary. Apple always seemed a step ahead of everyone else with the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Today's Apple is stagnant and is dealing in reruns and rehashing of products, with apparently little or no motivation to lead the pack.
Case in point is the recent release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, neither of which did a whole lot to generate excitement as far as revolutionizing the cell phone. The 5c did open up a new market of iPhone customers since the phone is a lot less expensive, but aside from price and some pretty colors, the 5c gets a "D" grade.

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Perhaps the biggest red flag for Apple is yet another announcement of yet another iPad variation, known as the iPad "Air." Using the namesake from its line of laptops, the iPad "Air" is thin. And so is the presentation and reasoning for releasing another iPad tablet that hardly tempts customers into upgrading from what they already have.
You'll always have that clientele that will upgrade or buy new just because it's new. But that crowd is slowly turning from superb to sparse as Apple spins its creative wheels. Perhaps Apple set the bar too high with everything it has done up to this point. The rabid, technologically savvy super customers expect greatness every time Apple comes out on the field to play.
What they've gotten lately is more of a moral victory than distinctive domination from Apple. If you're not buying that criticism when it comes to Apple, spend a little time listening to the avid Android users and their growing bravado when it comes to their products in comparison to Apple.
A race that once was an Apple landslide now is becoming a neck and neck heat.
One can only hope Apple is behind closed doors at this very moment on the verge of something monumental. Five years ago, that thinking would be considered the norm for Apple. Today, it feels more like wishful thinking.

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