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Insider: The Unwritten Rules on Match.com

Once you've made the plunge into the world of online dating you'll likely feel one of two emotions: "This is great--why did I wait so long?" or "Whoa, now what?" If you're you're the kind of person who spends hours clicking on pictures and over-analyzing every word of someone's profile you should take this article to heart and agree to follow the unwritten rules of match.com

Woman's Game: On one of my first dates we had talked about the ego boost that comes with being on online dater. Your email is constantly beeping saying that so-and-so thinks you're hot or has already planned your lives together. This particular girl, just in the two hours were at dinner, got over 60 notifications. Yes, the vast, vast majority were just winks or template emails but that's a lot of clutter for a man to sort through. It's usually best to let the women to make the first contact. That said, once they do, you need to write a really profound response back.

Click No Thank You: There's nothing worse than churning out a smartly-worded email extolling her greatness only to see the message was read but no response came. Any time you receive an email and aren't hearing wedding bells do the right thing and click "No thanks".

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Three And Out: After your third email reply you should, if you haven't already, asked this person to go out on a real, live date. The longer the initial emails, the fewer necessary to make the move. There's no reason to have any trepidation at all--you're on there to date and the other person is already interested in you. It's as close to a sure thing as you're ever going to get.

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