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Don't Sweat It: Wearing comfy clothes out and about isn't so bad or sad

You've probably found yourself in a situation where you have to leave the house but don't feel like swapping your sweatpants or "comfy" clothes in favor of something a little more culturally accepted when it comes to leaving the house.
Sweatpants aren't a sure fire way to transform from stylish to scary unless you've completely stopped caring and refuse to abide by a few tips on how to keep your sweats from staining your fashionable reputation.
That is unless your sweatpants are stained, too.
Easily the biggest swing and miss in terms of wearing sweatpants out of the house is choosing ones covered in paint or any unknown food or beverage stain. You don't exactly need to spend hundreds of dollars on designer sweatpants, either. But stained sweatpants should be left for working outside in the yard or spring cleaning. Plenty of reputable retailers such as Target or Kohl's showcase sweats that are both reasonably priced and hardly ratty. You'll want to spend at least more than a few bucks on sweatpants you plan on wearing frequently, given that a cheaper version probably indicates a short life span and material that isn't mean to last very long.
Now that you've retired your flawed sweats and you've upgraded to something better, you're still not completely excused. Sizing sweatpants also ultimately determines how you'll be perceived when wearing them. They're not supposed to be skin tight, nor should they be dragging on the ground. Guys tend to wear sweats a little baggier than women, and that looks acceptable if you're pairing it with a tighter fitting athletic shirt, such as something in the Reebok or Under Armour brand. The same rule applies for body hugging athletic shirts for men and sweatpants: buy your size. You've got to summon all the strength you can to resist the temptation to go too small, and you should plan on leaving the torn or ripped shirts where they belong: the garbage.

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Guys also should strongly consider pairing their sweatpants with shoes that send the message that, while dressed down, they aren't ready to roll straight into bed after their outing. A clean, preferably newer, pair of running or athletic shoes look more like you're headed to the gym or actually spent a few minutes piecing together an outfit suitable for public viewing.

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