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Ring(ing) Endorsements: Look to the 'stars' for ring advice

Perhaps no gift from man to woman holds as much importance and includes the most careful selection process than the engagement ring. Choosing something that conflicts with her taste might not totally derail the engagement but may have her questioning just how well you know her.
Not exactly the way you want to start the engagement period.
If you're not quite sure exactly the type of ring to buy, two things should flush to the forefront of your mind: you must not have picked up on the not so subtle hints, or you and your girlfriend aren't at the point in your relationship where engagement rings are a topic on the table.
The latter situation certainly isn't a dead end for guys across the board but rather a practice in patience, knowing that the day probably is somewhere down the line. In the interim, men may want to take the opportunity to show their ring buying aptitude and give their girlfriend a glimpse of things to come.
Plus, the practice of ring buying is something all guys can agree is a much needed exercise to ensure the future engagement process isn't a futile one. Keep in mind that if you're wanting to give your girlfriend a ring as a gift, make sure you're at the point in your relationship where she might be expecting something more.

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The easiest path to ring buying greatness doesn't have to come from within but rather can simply be stolen. No, not the ring, of course but rather the stylish superiors in the form of celebrities sporting some serious eye candy on their fingers.
The most glaring example, literally, is the engagement ring that Kanye West popped on Kim Kardashian. This stunning rock reigns as impressive, but most run of the mill guys don't have a few million dollars lying around. The wonderful thing about retail and designers is that the ones who are competent can cultivate and create the same jewelry you see on television but at a fraction of the cost, without losing the quality and durability attributes.
Montier and its new collection known as "Josette" comes to mind as the rings are utterly flawless and mirror that of the one weighing down the finger of Kardashian. Montier also dabbles in earrings and necklaces of that same amazement but at a $40 starting point. This jewelry is lavish but minus the unattainable sticker price. Montier is in the midst of launching a spring collection as well that fuses together pink, blue and yellow hues that sparkle.
For guys, a Montier ring is a fantastic jumping off point before you take the bigger, engagement plunge.
It also shows your girlfriend that her potential engagement ring and the guy buying it know a little something about what rings true to her sense of style.

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