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Hum Drum Holidays: Taking a different approach to holiday travel

The phrase "holiday travel" typically references the notion of packing up the car and heading from one house to another, swapping gifts and eating enough food to make that would be Santa suit feel a little snug.
This practice isn't new, nor is there anything wrong with it. The holiday season settles in as equal parts gift buying and spending time with your friends and families.
But what if this year is going to be the holiday season that is anything but conventional? The practice of holiday travel that equates to actually traveling or spending the holidays somewhere sensational isn't quite as customary as gift giving or eating a sit down dinner. But that doesn't mean it isn't as equally fulfilling.
Cruises, elaborate vacations or overseas tours tempt even the most ardent holiday celebrator into trading in his decorations for a truly memorable excursion.
New York City remains a tremendous destination year round but creates truly a magical experience during the holidays with such spots as Rockefeller Center or Times Square. The city embraces the holidays but does so in such a grandiose way that it truly is a must see during the month of December. A city of this magnitude probably lends itself to a little help along the way for individuals or families, and NewYork.com is a fantastic resource in this regard. The web site stays true to its name and is all things New York: Broadway shows, events, concerts and anything else that envelops and outwardly portrays a remarkable holiday feel.

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Those holiday travelers who want to overwhelmingly meld their love of the holidays and travel might not be satisfied with staying within the states. For this particularly proactive group, traveling abroad is absolutely recommended.
The selection process should be entered into with a careful mix of holiday glee but also monitored closely enough that you're not spending too much time lost or without some direction as to where to go. Visiting such destinations as Italy, France or England are much more enjoyable when you include a guided tour as part of the itinerary.
For example, Dark Rome Tours tempts the eye with the sights and sounds of all things Italy and infuses a true sense of culture and flare to cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and the Vatican. The aptly titled DarkRome.com allows potential visitors to Italy during the holiday season to easily book their tour based on when they're arriving and when they plan on departing. Dark Rome Tours are consistently adding to their touring repertoire and refuse to remain status quo as far as what they're offering to truly cultivate a superb experience for you or the entire family as part of a holiday wish list you won't soon forget.
But let's say you're a softy at heart and simply can't completely ignore Santa, his elves or anything else Christmas related. That mentality doesn't mean you have to stay at home per say but simply broaden your horizons.
Take "The North Pole Experience," featuring Santa's Workshop.
This event takes place in Flagstaff, Arizona, and begins November 23 and runs through December 27. This atmosphere is ideal for kids and parents alike as they are ushered through all the spots within Santa's workshop and work alongside the elves to actually build toys. The eye popping attention to detail as part of the "North Pole Experience" is hardly an exercise in futility that you may see with a Santa spot at your local mall, but rather is an all encompassing, distinct adventure that includes pinpoint costumes, cookies and potentially reconsideration that Santa might actually be more than holiday lore.
Unlike the Christmas list penned by your children, there is no written rule that suggests the holiday season needs to be conventional or an exact endeavor year after year. Throwing a wrench into an otherwise ho-hum holiday in the form of travel is a practice that transforms the formulaic into fantastic.

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