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Shoot to Thrill: Technology takes aim at being a hunting staple

Legendary comedian George Carlin once questioned the "sport" aspect of hunting, suggesting that the idea of a human being tracking down an unarmed animal hardly qualifies as a competition. His exact words were "Think hunting is a sport? Ask the deer."
Carlin, who passed away in 2008, only caught a small glimpse of how hunting has evolved. The overflow of technologically savvy equipment that truly gives hunters even more of a "competitive" edge when it comes to nabbing your next piece of big game is nothing short of stunning.
The influx of gadgets that assist hunters across the country could be looked at two ways: cheating or staying contemporary. The former isn't much of an argument in that hunting has always been a one sided affair.
The evolution of hunting basically eliminates any advantage an animal might have. Even something as simple as camouflage clothing allows you to stay hidden within the confines of bushes or brush so that the unsuspecting deer doesn't stand a chance.
But technology shouldn't be shot down as making the playing field uneven; it always has been. The addition of products and devices is a natural next step whether you're hunting or fishing and are lauded by a long list of lovers of the outdoors and embraced even further by retailers.

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Think of it more like James Bond meets a modern day Davy Crockett.
Fall is flanked by not only a penchant for hunters to hit the open road for camp sites around the country, but also that same group in search bagging a buck as part of their excursion. So what products rank as some of the more sought after within the hunting population?
Everyone loves a solid tree stand, but that is so 1990s and early 2000s when you consider items such as the Swan OutbackCam or the Contour Dogcam Vest. The former is a camera you strap to a tree and is triggered by motion. When the deer decides to walk by, this camera has the foresight to begin snapping pictures like this is a red carpet event. The Dogcam is exactly what it says it is: a camera slash vest for your dog. He's typically leading the way, and you won't have to worry about him seeing something you won't thanks to this little slice of divine intervention.
Multipurpose devices and those items that are staples in any hunters' repertoire can't be overlooked, either. The ETON Raptor is dynamic in that it is a compass, clock and flashlight. Those who suggest that it might be easier to use your smart phone obviously haven't spent much time in the woods. This might be the same crowd that proclaims they've "played football" after a few games of Madden on PlayStation.
That said, you're still going to want to keep your cell phone or other hunting related necessities fully charged. The product that comes to the forefront is the Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit, complete with a USB port and a recharging kit for the device itself that is completely solar powered.
As far as the aforementioned staples, a tool box should be standard, and hopefully it is filled with a line of Channellock Series products. The Channellock line is durable and quality personified, no matter what you might need tuned or tightened while you're at your camp site.
Now that you've used all your technical prowess to bag the buck of your dreams, the fun begins. You have to haul him away. LoopRope might be a better bet than those old bungee cords crammed into your pickup bed tool box. The nice part about the LoopRope design is that it is strong enough for a massive deer but not overly complicated to use. The stressful part of tracking down your deer is over, and you don't want to break a sweat simply tying down your triumph.
No matter how you view technology as it relates to hunting, the fact remains that these products put the highly motivated hunters in total control of the task at hand and make the process more enjoyable. Hunting was never about competing against the deer. No one is keeping score, and there are no referees patrolling the woods. Hunting is taming the terrain, outsmarting the elements and using everything in your bag of technological tricks to get the job done.

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