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Bridal Blunders: Your big day could use a quick review

Even the most prepared bride isn't impervious to missing a few minor details.
You've got your flowers, the dress, the venue and you've carefully picked your bridesmaids for pinpoint accuracy. The same goes for your guest list as you've scanned over the "roster" like a general manager of a major sports team on the verge of making a few cuts.
Your poise is admired, but you simply can't account for every possible "what if" when it comes to your big day. Or can you?
Focusing on the big picture hopefully allows you to put together a wonderful wedding, one that won't be too nerve wracking. Who knows, maybe the bride might actually find time to have a little fun?
But overlooking smaller situations that might arise could prove a bit short sighted and only add more stress to the day.

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Nothing will send a bride into full blown panic mode quite like a missing wedding ring just as the vows are being exchanged. You probably have all the trust in the world in your maid of honor and best man, but why not have a backup plan to boot?
Actually, that plan starts before the wedding even starts. Before you bestow the responsibility of holding rings to your best man or maid of honors, make sure the hotel you're staying at beforehand has some sort of safe. James Allen is a premiere jewelry retailer that suggests that it wouldn't hurt the bride or groom to give the ring's insurance policy a quick once over, just in case something unexpected happens.
And as long as you're doing some pre wedding prep work, you should be quick to appoint a "go-to" member of your wedding party. Brides never can be sure if they'll need a quick shot of hairspray for a stray hair or a small sewing kit for a rip they hadn't thought possible.
In addition to those aforementioned items, the bride also would be wise to make sure their right hand woman also is packing Aspirin, some sort of stain remover or Tide stick, extra makeup and a mirror. The bride also wants to have her cell phone close by, just in case of emergency or if she's checking in on her groom to make sure he's en route.
And, you can't forget the most important accessory: tissues.
Remember, this is a day of joy, not sadness. Those tears of joy quickly will turn sour if an unanticipated event occurs and you find yourself completely unprepared.

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