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Winter Blues: Summer is over, but protecting your skin is a year round affair

Just because summer is over doesn't mean the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to the sun isn't a concern.
Warmer weather puts you at risk perhaps more so only because more of your skin is exposed to the sun. A few trips to the beach or a penchant for laying in the sun probably constitutes for more than a few overviews of your body, searching for spots that are burned or double checking some suspicious moles.
The misconception is that winter is a break of sorts from the sun, since most of the time you're bundled up and only your face is subject to the sun.
Not only does the sun still present a problem in the winter for your face, but the cold weather runs roughshod over your skin, creating dry, cracked skin that hardly is soft to the touch. As far as wintertime sunshine, you certainly have the option to continue wearing sunscreen, should your travels bring you outdoors during colder months.
Activities such as skiing or ice skating are enjoyed even with the temperature dips, but sunscreen still should be part of your game plan. Sun Bum Clear Face Stick is a nice option, made just for your face, and goes on neatly and cleanly.

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Sun Bum Clear Face Stick is perfect for men and women, although the latter demographic may want to take a few extra precautions with their face. Camille Rose Naturals is a fantastic line of products for women that include deep moisturizing and conditioning masks which is the perfect opposition to the brisk temperatures and unforgiving wind chills.
Should a more serious situation other than dry, cracking skin arise, a trip to the dermatologist might be advised.
Women, more so than men, are more prone to melanoma, especially the 18-39 age bracket. Despite that, self checks and skin checks by a doctor aren't exactly the norm. Research suggests that less than 30% of that demographic visit doctor's offices for regular checkups.
One tool for detecting melanoma that has garnered positive reviews is the aptly titled MelaFind, which is equipped with a camera that captures a lesion and further identifies the issue at hand. The purpose of MelaFind is to eliminate biopsies and catch melanoma in its early stages.
Caring for your skin, no matter time of year, is essential to optimal health and well being. The winter hardly is a reprieve from summer and deserves just as much attention through the implementation of products and a close eye on your skin.

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