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Full Stocked: Small stocking 'stuffer' gifts for guys is all about efficiency

Men tend to be a fairly streamlined sector of the population. They keep things simple and truthfully make buying decisions based on products that make life a little easier.
Practicality, as you guessed it, makes the day to day routine a little more perfect.
That's why as the holiday season approaches and gift giving moves from passive to aggressive, tracking down the ideal stocking stuffer or smaller gift for the man in your life shouldn't present much of an issue.
And when it doubt, just keep it simple and practical. So what specifically makes a great stocking stuffer?
Certain gifts lend themselves to a fair share of guys and are universally lauded and accepted regardless of particular interests or likes. These are the products you should gravitate toward as you're rounding out the shopping list for your husband, father, grandfather or brother.

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Gloves typically don't sound like the coolest of gifts, unless you take into account the efficiency of gloves themselves and pair them with another fabulous function. The Glove.ly Touchscreen Gloves keep your man's hands toasty and also allows him to use his electronic devices without having to take the gloves off every time. These gloves are compatible with anything from a smart phone to a GPS system in your vehicle. What sets Glove.ly Touchscreen Gloves apart from comparable products is that they're impressively warm.
Equally impressive is a gadget that is the perfect complement to any phone and would be a welcomed gift in any guy's stocking. Phone Soap may sound a little messy in title alone but actually is a carefully crafted case that allows you to charge your phone as it is being rid of germs, bacteria and anything else that is stuck on that larger than life screen. Phone soap employs UV cleaning products that are totally safe for you to touch and won't harm your expensive phone without the use of harsh chemicals.
Phone Soap washes away any fears you may have of not only catching a cold or flu from your phone but also has a remarkable, smooth silver design that flashes both brilliance in design and usefulness.
You can't argue that products like Phone Soap and Glove.ly Touchscreen Gloves lend themselves to what guys already love: technology. But what about something men might not be overly thrilled with doing, such as cooking, cleaning or decorating a house or apartment.
Most men that don't enjoy the first two certainly can muddle their way through some semblance of a meal or can easily figure out how to maneuver their way around a vacuum cleaner. The decorating can be a bit more daunting of a task, especially when it comes to determining what to hang on the walls.
Pictures are more than fine, but wall art really helps add a sense of style and flare to a home. But what if your guy's idea of "flare" is a series of Iron Man movie posters? You don't want to hamper his loves in life, but how about a happy medium?
Bird Avenue is artwork that isn't over the top or takes his design acumen in a completely different direction. Rather, Bird Avenue brings to life prints that pay homage to city skylines or prints that incorporate a musical or sports related theme. Who knows, maybe that Iron Man poster is on its way off the wall?
As far as the kitchen or for cleaning, products such as counter top grills or a fine assortment of dust mops should do the trick as far as whipping up a convenient meal in a matter of minutes and keeping your pad clean, respectively. Understandably, the wall art, George Foreman Grill or Swiffer Mop might not fit into a stocking per say, but that is why gift certificates are so great.
You could argue that anything you cram into a stocking this holiday season for a man is a moot point. They'll like anything. True, but they'll absolutely love something that is equal parts fun and functional.

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