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Date with Destiny: Are you ever too old to stop dating?

The phrase "age is just a number" is a rallying cry to accomplish any task or goal no matter how old you are, but does it also apply to dating?
Whether online or in person, perhaps you're starting to question whether you're too old to date. That questioning attitude surprisingly starts for some as young as their mid-30s through those young at heart seniors pushing 80.
Virginia Clark, author of "It's Never too Late to Marry: How to Have the Man and Marriage of your Dreams" dispels the notion that your age should have any bearing on dating or finding a match made in heaven.
The more you read her book, the easier it is to believe that love isn't about how old you are but rather your desire to delve into a relationship to ensure happiness and not worrying about what outsiders may perceive as desperation for simple companionship.
The one obstacle for the older, less technologically savvy crowd is cracking the code behind online dating, should that be a vehicle you'd like to pursue. The 50-plus demographic might not be packing a smart phone, tablet or even have much experience navigating through the internet.

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That said, online dating for any age group might be a viable venue to get your feet wet again when it comes to dating. You can pick and choose photos, what to say and just how much you'd like to disclose about yourself. For a single person who is a little older, online dating sites can find you potential dates in a similar age bracket, along with interests that run parallel to yours.
For that group, they may take a more traditional route, such as meeting at shopping malls or attending mixers or activities in large groups. Those could include book clubs, cooking classes or even at the gym. The soon to be senior population isn't shy about flexing their muscles or approaching a person they might be interested in at the local gym.
The somewhat outdated or antiquated idea of a blind date might not seem like an option for an older crowd but actually could prove potent for finding love. Blind dates typically are orchestrated by friends or family members who have your best interest in mind. Much the way you tend to take a friend's recommendation to heart when it comes to a restaurant to try or television to buy, why would a suggestion about a person to date be any different?
It shouldn't matter how you find the person who is right for you. And neither should your age.

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