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Clothes Encounter: Charitable clothing is equal parts selfless and stylish

Shopping for clothes is incredibly fun. Buying clothes that not only add to your wardrobe but give back to charitable causes is even more fulfilling.
It's not unheard of for bigger retailers or renowned brand names to put together a marketing campaign that is more about charity than sales revenue. Portions of proceeds related to the sale of clothing, shoes, accessories any number of products is commonplace when tied with a particular cause, such as October serving as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
In some instances, you have businesses that don't necessarily hand pick a particular day, week or month to initiate their charitable work. Rather, these loveable, lauded organizations have altruism truly engrained in their mission statement, and giving back is simply second nature to them.
And most of these companies have a heartwarming, redeeming story to tell on how they were inspired to start a company that is equal parts style and selflessness.
NIICE Stuff is an apparel company that is more than just a clothing entity that produces fashionable T-shirts and accessories but also spends countless hours helping adolescent kids find homes. "N.I.I.C.E." stands for Nurturing Individuals Inspiring Children Everyday, and the company consistently gives money to the Community Partnership for Children. The simple, smiling face that is the NIICE Stuff logo pretty much sums up how you'll feel once you purchase something from them.

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The driving force behind NIICE wasn't the almighty dollar but rather simply a wife and husband adopting their own child and thus paving the way for others to follow suit.
The Vanity Project is another clothing company that puts the actual art of distributing and selling clothing a distance second as part of their plan of attack. The Vanity Project is poised to be the crown jewel of the nonprofit community; the company features clothing that raises awareness for various nonprofit groups. Each item sold means 20% or more if given back to the nonprofit organization featured on the product. In some cases, The Vanity Project gives the entire revenue stream directly back to the nonprofit organization, which hired TVP only to manage their merchandise.
Heavenly Styles Boutique is another comparable company to NIICE Stuff and The Vanity Project, although not quite to the same degree. Heavenly Styles Boutique, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is overflowing with exceptional products for men and women but also include a specialty T-shirt known simply as "Heavenly Styles." Every one of those shirts purchased means $4 donated to an organization that supports cancer survivors around the world. This shirt isn't sporadically offered throughout the year but rather a staple on the web site.
The aforementioned clothing companies deserve ample amounts of applause for how they go about business on a daily basis. Naturally, those at the helm of NIICE, The Vanity Project and Heavenly Styles boutique would quickly deflect any adulation in favor of focusing on their respective issues at hand.
And who wouldn't want to buy that type of sincerity?

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