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Let's Make a Meal: Whipping together a tantalizing dish is just what the holidays need

Another Halloween is in the books, and attention now turns to Thanksgiving and the holiday season.
The trick to enjoying the upcoming holidays is treating yourself to a little lesson in stress free planning and practicing the art of practicality and simplicity.
You always want to dish out the perfect dinner or make every cookie straight from the oven your very best. But who has time to slave over a hot stove and micromanage every single morsel of food that comes out of your kitchen?
Chances are, you don't.
The combination of trying to juggle work, kids and your day to day routine in addition to putting together a picture perfect meal for friends and family could turn combustible in a matter of days, week or months.

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With that, how can you make the holidays less hectic?
Rather than spend countless hours counting out ingredients or making countless trips to the grocery store, you need to start thinking about how to make this meal and holiday about you, not your guests. No, you shouldn't start setting out TV dinners or calling around to have your meal catered but rather employ simple, quick and delicious recipes that actually give you a respite, rather than running yourself ragged.
Yummly.com is an incredibly unique website in that you can search recipes and plan your holiday meal from start to finish, including the ability to download the app to your smart phone or tablet. Yummly.com allows you to create a home cooked meal without the time element. The recipes are conveniently broken down by a particular holiday, time it takes to prepare or even if you have guests at your upcoming party who have allergies or are on a restrictive diet.
Now that you're not in the midst of memorizing an uncomplicated recipe thanks to Yummly.com, you can spend time taking notes on which ready to eat products put you at ease.
One that jumps right off the page and on to your dinner table is Emmi Roth USA and an absolutely remarkable line of specialty cheeses that double as a delectable display as part of a slew of finger foods. Emmi Roth USA really takes the cake with their fondues that are already prepared and ready to serve, minus the arduous, achingly time consuming prep time.
Emmi Roth USA melds Swiss cheese from Switzerland into a creamy comfort food that can be heated and served in less than 20 minutes. The company also sells accessories that include fondue pots as part of the litany of products.
You could argue that serving already cooked or prepared items takes all the fun and festivities out of the holidays. The argument also could be made that trying to find the time to do all of this might require you to quit your job.
From the convenience of Emmi Roth USA to being exceptionally crafty when preparing food for the holidays, your next great dessert might be easier than you think. All that leftover Halloween can be put to good use before you decide to dump the majority of it in the garbage. Instead, take a few Butterfingers, crush them up and use them for toppings on cupcakes or cakes for added intrigue and flavor. Nothing sets a dessert cart apart like anything filled with Snickers or Milky Way candy bars.
And nothing will set your holiday spread apart from others like giving your guests all the entrees, desserts and starters they have come to expect from you. Only this time, you're giving them a remarkable array of dishes without dishing the dirt that you had a little help this time around.

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