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Bottoms Up and Out: What you drink is derailing your diet

You are what you eat. What you drink plays an important role in your diet, too.
Once the dust clears and the smoke settles on this holiday season, you'll no doubt be looking to unload some serious weight after indulging on not only a plethora of gifts but plenty of cakes, cookies and loveable comfort food.
No holiday party is complete without plenty of dessert trays or foods that are rich in taste but equally sprinkled with plenty of post holiday regret. From creamy spinach dips to plenty of fatty roasts straight from the oven, the holidays are a heavy dose of heaping helpings and unbelievably large portions.
But putting on a few pounds isn't just the fault of food.
The more cognizant and diligent dieters keep a close eye on their calorie intake, but often overlook one key aspect of staying somewhat slim from Thanksgiving until 2014: their drinks.

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Any type of alcohol should be approached with moderation in mind for a number of reasons, namely safety and followed by an ample amount of calories. The average Long Island Iced Tea, for example, can carry with it a staggering 500 calories and close to 20 grams of sugar.
Even more traditional holiday beverages that are devoid of alcohol also should carry their fair share of the holiday weight gain blame. Take Eggnog for example, which is nearly 400 calories and is filled with everything you should try to stay away from: sugar, eggs, whipped cream. About one cup of Eggnog is filled with an entire day's worth of sugar. And beware, Eggnog has an equally ugly cousin as far as holiday drinks are concerned. Hot buttered rum is a holiday favorite, but no one is applauding the near 20 grams of fat and 300 plus calories this hot buttered mess adds to your diet that is already drowning in holiday cheer.
Everyone associates the holidays with comfort foods, but Eggnog and buttered rum might be two drinks that are worth ditching. Instead of Eggnog or rum, try to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or chocolate or maybe even some warm cider. They're much more favorable when it comes to fighting the battle against the holiday bulge.
Plenty of holiday parties also include various soda served up by the gallons. The diet options sound a little more pleasing from a calorie intake standpoint, but they're also filled with aspartame, an artificial sweetener that is shown to cause stomach aches, cramping and a penchant for actually increasing your appetite.
Try skipping the soda all together in favor of lightly sweetened tea, hot or cold, or maybe even add a wrinkle into your drink selection at the party. You might not know Amy & Brian, but they're definitely looking out for you.
Amy & Brian created the aptly titled "Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice," which is only about 60 calories per serving, roughly 340 less than one cup of Eggnog, and doesn't include sugar or fat. Yet despite what Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice is missing, one thing is certainly there: taste. It's naturally sweet and you'll appreciate that the makers of this unique blend didn't sacrifice quality simple to avoid adding unwanted calories. Now perhaps you don't associated coconut juice with the holidays, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate this delicious drink year round.
The same could be said for NuvoSport Smart Meal-SNX line. This drink is more than just fruit juice in a can, but rather gives the consumer a full serving of fruit or vegetables in one bottle. The convenience aspect of NuvoSport Smart Meal is not only that it is a small meal in a few swigs, but also eliminates cutting and chopping fruit or vegetables for blending or juicing.
You could argue that dieting is equal parts what you're eating and drinking, but more often than not, people just don't see it that way. Nothing clears up that tunnel vision, however, quite like tipping the scales thanks to taking one too many ill advised sips of decadent drinks.

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