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Spending He or She: Plenty of disparity between financial futures of men and women

Are you buying the notion that men actually spend more money than women?
If you thought the opposite were true, you're certainly not alone in that assumption. Women actually spend less than men generally speaking, roughly between 10-15 percent less than their male counterparts.
The real story between men and women isn't so much who spends more money but rather where the money goes. The disparity between buying habits of men and women truly determine the fate of their financial futures, whether you're talking about as individuals or couples.
The Spectrem Group is a financial research company that analyzes varied data for their clients, and recent statistics from the firm suggest in no uncertain terms that women focus more on the financial future of the couple than men do. Women tend to carry more of a concerned burden when it comes to the finances of the household and how that relates to the ongoing national news from an economic standpoint.
This isn't to suggest men don't care about money or financial prosperity, but they're more inclined to credit a potential windfall to luck or good timing, while women dismiss the serendipitous nature of incoming cash, the Spectrem Group suggests.

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With the holidays and shopping looming large, another important question needs answered: what do men and women spend their money on individually?
The thought that women tend to spend money on clothing, make-up or other beauty related products isn't much of a stretch as far as financial hypothesis. Men obviously don't value a silky smooth shampoo that is expensive or face creams purchased from the finest makeup counters at the mall. That said, the spending of men tends to lean more toward a larger, more dynamic nature with larger expenses or bigger ticket items like cars. That doesn't mean lavishly spending for the sake of looking foolish, but men support more of an investment mentality than women.
As far as shopping goes, both genders carry the lion's share as far as overspending and blame. Author and psychiatrist April Benson, who wrote "To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop," warns men and women that buying online is a trap for going well beyond your budget. Nothing sinks any potential financial gain than spending more than you've allotted yourself for the holidays. Men or women who buy online, as opposed in the store, tend to spend more money.
Realistically, this makes perfect sense. You're sitting at home, quietly browsing with a list in one hand and a credit card in another. There's no long lines or sense of urgency, and, more importantly, a receipt. It's so easy to buy online that even the most frugal of shoppers may lose track.
This is especially concerning for men, who tend to shy away from shopping. Women enjoy the glitz and glamor of shopping in person and most retail marketing appeals to them, more so than men. That puts men in quite the position to overspend online, since they'd rather sit at home and do their shopping as opposed to brave the cold and the crowds in a physical store.
These money spending insights certainly aren't meant to be overly mean toward men, but rather set the record straight on rumors that women are frivolous spenders with zero regard on where the money goes. That stereotype still exists but needs freshened up to include men as equal parts of the buying equation.
In some cases, they're not just equal but go over and above when it comes to spending compared to women.

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