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Fitness Bads : The latest and greatest workout might not be the perfect fit for you

The funny thing about fitness fads and new workout routines is that they're not all created equal. And, there's not always a perfect fit for everyone.
Even you.
Sure, you may consider yourself somewhat of a fitness guru, a muscular Adonis that is adept at working out and can tackle anything thrown your way. From dead lifts to intense cardiovascular training, you're not slowing down for anything.
But even the most well trained athlete and especially someone just rediscovering their inner exercise acumen must tread lightly on a treadmill or think a few extra seconds before delving into a rigorous class or group setting that might find you a seat on the sidelines due to injury.
The real trick is not being lulled into a workout program that promises results in a matter of days through intense training that, quite frankly, you might not be ready to partake in at the present moment. That's not to say that the likes of P90x, INSANITY or Crossfit don't deservedly garner their fare share of fanfare. These are renowned exercise brands that actually deliver as advertised, but not everyone should be responding to that ad.

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P90x flashes photos of previously pudgy participants who now sport flat stomachs and perfectly peaking biceps. What the infomercial or looping video on the web site fails to mention is that the three months en route to the body of your dreams comes with blood, sweat, tears and the potential for injury.
That isn't the fault of P90x by any means, but their slick marketing makes it a point to pursue any and all shapes and sizes to buy their DVDs. The crowd of consumers that haven't worked out in years isn't ready to handle exercise to this degree and a lack of ability mixed with knowledge could lead to issues.
You could make an argument that better conditioned participants still aren't impervious to these types of workouts, either, particularly if it is the first time doing it.
That also is painfully apparent with CrossFit, which has gained immense amounts of popularity thanks to the unique, extreme nature. CrossFit is about doing multiple reps at a high rate, but trainers approach this repertoire for their clients cautiously.
Dan Geraci M.S., Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Hard Pressed, a training facility, in Chicago, expertly says muscle growth isn't linked directly to volume. He also concurs that injury occurs when exercisers enter an endeavor like CrossFit with high hopes and poor form.
No matter how much you want to try something new, or for the first time, you have to be smart with not only the type of workout but being cognizant that you're not tackling something too big for you to handle.

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