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Man Up: Who says romantic movies are just for women?

Guys, it is time to tell the truth.
Honesty truly is the best policy when facing the music when it comes to movies dubbed "romantic."
You actually like them, some at least.
Most men probably will tell you that, as far as movies, go they're more interested in the latest Superman remake or which next array of action stars will don the skin tight black shirts and combat pants for the next "Expendables" installment.
What they're not quite as apt to admit is that they're incredibly fond of Hugh Jackman as "Wolverine" but also begrudgingly enjoyed him in "Les Miserables."

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OK, so maybe "Les Miserables" is a bit of a stretch, but that doesn't mean men don't secretly leave the theater after a romantic movie and quietly reaffirm their affection for the film.
And, in some instances, you can't blame them. What are some of the romantic movies men love most?
That pool is hardly a dry one, especially considering the various types of romantic movies that are both legitimate love affair dialogues or ones that are more comedic and satirical in nature.
Most men will gladly admit to an affinity for the 1987 Rob Reiner movie, "The Princess Bride," as one of their all time favorites. This movie tap dances between being a little bit of parody in the Mel Brooks vein, while adding thematic elements of big box office sizzle, with fight scenes, sword place and even a place called the fire swamp.
And, what romantically driven movie would be complete without a surprisingly moving and witty performance from the largest professional wrestler in the world, the late Andre The Giant? Like any cult like movie that finds a soft spot with men, they'll be able to quote lines from the movie on a whim and make it a point to watch it on TV at a moment's notice.
It always helps a romantic movie from a man's perspective when the primary male character is the definition of "cool." A generation of men flocked to see Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca" predicated on that very premise.
The flip side to Bogart is the self deprecated soul that the male viewer can latch on to as wanting to see the character get the girl. Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer" and Ben Stiller in "Something About Mary" come to mind.
It's hard not to eventually warm up to Tom Cruise in "Jerry McGuire" or Ryan Gosling in "Crazy Stupid Love." Both characters are tremendously flawed but remarkably enjoyable to watch on screen with their insecurities and charm.
Even the most hardened guy gets at least a little choked up with the "You had me at 'Hello'" delivery from "Jerry McGuire."
So to guys, it's pretty simple: sit down by yourself, on your own time, and pop in a romantic movie that you inherently enjoy for a myriad of reasons.
Don't worry: you're secret is safe with us.

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