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Land Lovers: From passion to perfection in products, Lands' End is absolutely loved

When you think Lands' End, you likely envision a timeless array of outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories for men, women and children. Lands' End didn't invent outdoor essentials and finely crafted outdoor clothing with reliable quality. They just perfected it.
This remarkable brand began 50 years ago, building a reputation and customer base among those who enjoy the outdoors and sporting clothes that are both durable and stylish. Flash forward to the present day, and Lands' End resides in a unique position in the clothing and retail marketplace. Not only does Lands' End have a number of brick and mortar stores, but their products are available at major retail outlets, such as Sears, and through a robust online presence at landsend.com.
The name and brand alike have become synonymous with the outdoors and outdoor apparel especially. Consumers en route to a camp site or those who just want to look fabulous can appreciate a line of clothing that is practical and pristine.
Lands' End clothing is fun, fashionable and effective. The biggest drawback to outdoor related garments is their propensity for being bulky, uninspiring and rather bland when trying to pass the eye test. Lands' End dispels the notion that sturdy clothing can't be equally sensational for all ages, shapes and sizes.
When was the last time you booked a ski trip and desperately needed a winter jacket that didn't weigh you down on the slopes or compromise your sense of style? Lands' End has a distinct vision of how outerwear is supposed to look and feel, without coming across as antiquated.

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By way of example, the women's featherweight down parka available in Fall 2013 illustrates the Lands' End approach to function and appearance. It is stylish, warm and doesn't look like you raided your grandmother's closet.
Don't worry guys, Lands' End has you covered, too. From an eclectic selection of fabulous fleece pullovers in a myriad of colors to their toasty 600-Fill down jacket, Lands' End seems intent on keeping ahead of the competition.
The company isn't interested in lining shelves with items, especially its outerwear, just for the sake of displaying inventory. A closer look at the craftsmanship reveals that Lands' End truly embodies superb standards on their products and a timeless, classic outdoor look and feel to what they do.
These days, Lands' End generates a significant slice of its overall sales through its internet site located at LandsEnd.com. The retailer revels in a quality of service that garners rave reviews from customers and, most importantly, keeps them coming back. What truly sets Lands' End apart from comparable companies is their commitment to what they do both within the walls of their corporation and for the community at large on a national level.
As for the latter, look no further than their latest contribution to those who endured Hurricane Sandy. Lands' End didn't limit their donation to a simple set of well wishes but rather donated $600,000 worth of winter clothing to keep hearts and hands equally warm during the challenging winter months.
That generosity doesn't go unnoticed by the public, and such gestures are not just perceived as isolated incidents but more as a reflection of a long term commitment embraced by Lands' End.
The focal point of the company's mission statement centers on keeping the clientele happy and content with every purchase. This includes piecing together special offers during each season of the year through savvy, sensational and honest marketing efforts.
As the holiday season arrives, Lands' End historically puts an emphasis on promotions that include a combination of free shipping and special sales for friends and family. They're also not shy about dishing out deals for that include a percentage off select gifts or entire orders.
Running specials in November or December is nothing new for clothing providers, but Lands' End has demonstrated a knack for blending quality and value that keeps customers coming back. Check with Keycode through the 2013 Holiday season for the latest Lands' End values and special offers, updated daily.

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