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Beneath the Surface: Deciding between fact and fiction could put your skin at serious risk

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself a very important question: Do you really know what is best for your skin?
If you're not sure of that answer, you're not the only consumer that is captivated by fancy marketing and equally savvy and sensational advertising that result in an abundance of revenue in the skin care marketplace.
Beneath the perfectly packaged face wash or tremendously tantalizing skin care treatments could be a product or ingredient that ultimately is detrimental to your skin. In addition, those old school remedies or skin care tricks that have been passed from one generation to another might not be as iron clad as your great, great grandmother once envisioned.
Simply put, the dos and dont's of skin care aren't set in stone, which can easily create confusion, contempt and cracked pores. A lot of what keeps skin looking beautiful, radiant and relatively unscathed has little to do with the actual products but rather your day to day routine, the food or drinks you consume or how much stress you have in your life.
Ron Cummings is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of AminoGenesis Skin Care. His company's take on skin care centers on the use of amino acids as ingredients to defy age and help damaged skin and also recognizing what is true and what isn't as far as taking expert care of your skin. He points to products that employ anti-glycation attributes. Glycation is particularly harmful to the skin and can result in damages to cells that cause wrinkles and lines.

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Cummings points to a recent glycation study that showed a plethora of subjects did nothing but use anti-glycation serum, and the result was the emergence of a much younger looking group, devoid of lines and wrinkles, of participants.
In addition to understanding and embracing the scientific acumen that drives the business of skin care products, you'd be wise to monitor things such as alcohol intake, smoking or the type of food you're eating. The aforementioned glycation process feeds off sugar and thus speeds up the aging process, rather than impeding it. Alcohol is no better for the skin, either.
A few drinks here and there aside, consumption of alcohol on a regular basis leads to anything from spider veins to skin to redden or become almost swollen looking over time. Smoking has been linked to wrinkles on your face, hands and neck prematurely.
Food and drinks rich in antioxidants are the best route. The main objective of antioxidants is to repair and ultimately prevent tissue damage. The implementation of a supplements rich in Vitamins A and E in conjunction with antioxidants and products such as the ones provided by AminoGenesis Skin Care is the perfect combination of basic, daily skin care regimens hitting head on with technology at its finest.
Employ that mindset, and the only thing you'll see when you look in the mirror is not only a younger you but one that is much smarter as a result.

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