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The Walking (Hardly) Dead: The resurgence of vampires and zombies is all the pop culture rage

For a group that is labeled "undead," they certainly get around a lot.
The mythical and marvelous legend of vampires and zombies once was relegated to the silly and campy. Today's version of vampires and zombies exude coolness in how their "characters" are portrayed and are reveling in what you could call a rebirth in popularity.
Those blood sucking entities known as vampires vaulted from relatively obscurity to modern day legends and even teenage heart throbs, most recently due to the popularity of the "Twilight" movie franchise. Before "Twilight" struck a chord with the masses, vampires experienced a modicum of success but mostly as cult like popularity in the form of the movie and television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or a plethora of "Dracula" movies beginning with one starring Bela Lugosi in 1931.
Now, Vampires are being hunted by the likes of Van Helsing or even Abraham Lincoln as cinema has latched on to the vampire craze much like those monsters would clamp down on a freshly cleaned neck. The result of the vampire craze is plenty of movies and equally mesmerizing merchandise from just about any and all facets of retail.
The "Twilight" franchise is a billion dollar cash cow that has licensed its way to unbelievable amounts of revenue on everything from T-shirts to sweatpants and plenty of fake fangs for everyone. Dracula is an iconic character and one that script writers and movie producers gravitate toward when a horror/drama movie needs made. The Dracula character is one that is timeless, and that fact is supported when you look at the countless number of versions or variations the character appears in as part of stage and screen. The latest is an NBC drama, aptly titled "Dracula."

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Out of Print Clothing follows suit but with a bit of a twist to their homage to vampires. Their Dracula T-shirt for men and women have hit the online shelves to rave reviews and build upon the popularity of vampires as a whole or Dracula specifically. These incredibly soft, comfortable T-shirts have a vintage, worn feel to give them the popular, distressed look. Out of Print Clothing not only has a knack for what's popular and trendy but also makes it a point to use proceeds of its Dracula shirts to local communities in the form of book donations.
The same could be said for zombies, who are giving vampires all they can handle as far as movie and television supremacy as the most magnificent monster of modern cinema.
You could argue that zombies have usurped vampires as the monster of choice, and that wouldn't be a hard debate to win given box office hits like "Shaun of the Dead," "Zombieland" or "World War Z," in addition to the incredibly popular television series on AMC, "The Walking Dead."
These grim and ghastly beings known as zombies may be a bit lethargic at first glance, but they've easily marched toward mainstream appeal from audiences that gather in droves to watch anything and everything zombie related.
This incredible surge in popularity centering on vampires and zombies shows very little signs of waning, especially when taking into consideration the box office appeal, television ratings and other ancillary revenue from clothing or video games.
They've alive, well and, obviously, here to stay.

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