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Love Happens: Finding the perfect match isn't an exact science

Television personality Kyle Keller took to the VH1 television show "Tough Love," and learned a hard, albeit beneficial, lesson
"I learned it is OK to be vulnerable, and if you keep your guard up and build a wall around your feelings, there's zero chance of a happy, healthy relationship."
Keller was a standout contestant on VH1's "Tough Love Co-ed" edition and displayed an outgoing personality, wit and charm throughout the entire season. Keller is no stranger to the spotlight as she's worked in radio and as an interviewer on variety of red carpets.
Now, she's working on love post-VH1 "Tough Love." So far, her experience in being on the show and exchanging banter and developing a rapport with the hosts is paying dividends.
"Right now, I'm single and in a great place. I've been dating since the show ended and have met some great guys. They just weren't right for me. But, my experience from the show has let me be more open and honest," Keller explains.

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Not everyone has the benefit of being a notable and often noticed television star, and that notoriety certainly goes a long way to helping Keller in her dating life. But even without the lights, cameras or plenty of action as part of VH1's "Tough Love" series, Keller attempts to simplify the dating process outside the celebrity status.
What she found is honesty, communication and a little bit of luck play into finding the ideal companion.
"It's OK to get hurt; just learn from those experiences," Keller suggests. "In dating, there are no mistakes, just valuable learning curves. Communication and trust are key in any relationship."
The luck or serendipitous aspect of dating shouldn't be overly analyzed or fluffed off as impossible. Often searching for the right person can be somewhat counterproductive; you're standards become completely off centered and the hustle and bustle of finding that special someone often can leave you exhausted and deterred with the entire process.
Keller explains, "Don't search for 'Mr. Right.' The only guys you'll find (as a result) are 'Mr. Right Now.' Love happens when you least expect it."
Though her dating experiences both in public and private also have afforded her valuable insight into not only how to date but the steps to take once you find someone. The advent of social media, blogging and networking often lead to resentment among dating newlyweds. That's where the trust aspect is either present or sorely missing.
"When you are involved with someone, don't broadcast it (over social media)," Keller insists. "Social media really can hurt a new relationship, especially if you're digging for dirt rather than trusting your heart."
In other words, dating is a process of natural proportions and isn't necessarily helped by means such as Facebook or, to a degree, dating sites. That's not to suggest that falling in love or finding the right person is easy.
It just might not be as hard as we make it out to be.

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