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Originality Points: Designer jewelry typically soars when inspiration takes over

Designing minds want to know: Just how to do you create jewelry that is stylish, superb and stands apart from a sea of incredibly competent competitors?
Originality and inspiration play an immense part in the look and feel of jewelry and whether or not the pieces from a particular line or designer will be embraced wholeheartedly by the consumer or scoffed at as nothing more than just another failed attempt at fashion.
The jewelry has to speak to the person buying it. It also helps if the jewelry and the designer have an equally compelling tale to tell.
Marissa Del Rosario fits the aforementioned description to a tee. She has a remarkable eye for uniqueness, and her designs speak to that part of her personality. Del Rosario was inspired to begin her forage into fashion after spending time as a nurse in the O.R.
"My inspiration (for my products) mirrors my personal journey," Del Rosario admits. "My pieces stand for the bold and unwavering attitude that helps me change gears from a stable career (as a nurse) to a life long dream as a designer."

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The incredible 180-degree turn in careers most likely keeps Del Rosario grounded as far as the success she's experienced in the field of jewelry and designer accessories. Her penchant for piecing together awe inspiring and eye catching jewelry is mitigated by making sure women who wears anything she creates are empowered and embraces their individuality.
That mantra plays into the aptly titled tag line that accompanies all the Marissa Del Rosario offerings: "Be Original."
Far too often, however, the sole work of one person like Del Rosario quickly transforms from specific and sensational to mass produced and loses a lot of the determination and creativity that made it great. Del Rosario is quick to point out that, while she only makes a few pieces here and there at this point, she still is the person responsible for each and every design that leaves her desk.
Amidst the unveiling of her 2014 collection that includes her new chain bracelet collection, complete with an Italian leather strap that is offered in a plethora of designs and colors, Del Rosario is quick to remember why she got started in this particular business in the first place.
"I wanted to create a platform in celebrating each woman's strength, inner beauty and essence," Del Rosario recalls. "My jewelry collection can offer a piece that will help express personal style and boldness."
And that expression put forth isn't falling on deaf ears but rather is openly welcomed by plenty of passionate customers who can't help but listen intently to the story Del Rosario, and her products, is telling.

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