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Stomach Aches: Activity isn't optimal during holidays

For the next few months, you'll be doing a whole lot of eating and a lot less physical activity.
The holiday hangover is slowly setting in.
That "hangover" can be summed up in a variety of ways, whether you're feeling guilty for overeating or ate so much that you're feeling way too full. More often than not, the former doesn't start setting in until January when the majority of thinking shifts from eating to exercising.
But until then, you're pretty much scooping up and indulging on just about anything that is put in front of you. That chowing down mentality leads to inhaling food at a record pace, especially those larger than life meals at just one sitting.
Time to loosen the belt on those pants just a few more notches.

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How about instead of buying pants a few sizes larger or donning sweat pants for that big holiday dinner, you simply enjoy eating with friends and family, minus the overly full feeling?
That might entail taking a walk, even a short one, after you finish eating. You'd also be wise to drink plenty of water while you're enjoying the plethora of holiday goodies; water also helps you feel full, thus eliminates the tendency to eat too much.
If you are staring a three or four course dinner directly in the face, you want to focus on the vegetables first. Eat everything green on your plate, including your salad, and then work your way toward the proteins and starches in that order.
Jessi Kneeland is a personal trainer at the renowned Peak Performance in New York City and also recommends plenty of fiber, even if it is in the form of a supplement, to help with digestion as part of larger meals.
Kneeland also is quick to point out that water retention and "belly bloat" occur from not only overeating but also an intake of foods higher in sodium. Too much salt in one meal or as part of a diet can leave your face and around your eyes looking puffy and swollen.
The majority of holiday parties don't include a trip to gym as part of the festivities, but that doesn't mean you should completely ditch the exercise routine. Any type of activity that raises your heart rate is advisable, especially anything like running, jogging or using a recumbent bike or elliptical. If the idea of exercise is too much to fathom during the holiday season, why not try to hit the mall or retail store with the idea that you'll take a few extra laps around the food court, minus the food part.
Food, desserts and drinks are holiday staples, and enjoying them is a large part of what makes the season so enjoyable. Moderation is a marvelous concept and one that can quickly rid your holiday of lethargy.

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