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Gut Busters: Dispelling the myths on how to eat to lose weight hardly a lost cause

What's the best way to lose weight?
Eat, of course.
That is the most frequently asked question as a large chunk of the population opts to move from flab to fab. Healthy eating, in conjunction with exercise, is the one two punch that puts you in a more favorable position to drop weight.
But unfortunately, a plethora of people with the best intentions of dropping a few unwanted pounds will succumb to fads and falsities that center on eating and adjusting their diet enviably for maximum results.
Simply put, they think starving themselves is the best course of action to lose weight.

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Not eating is the absolute worst plan of attack as the lack of nourishment brings your metabolism to a complete stop. The trick to tackling weight loss is feeding your body with small, superb meals throughout the course of the day.
Skipping breakfast and lunch and opting to eat a larger than life dinner is a common practice. That massive dinner needs spread out over the course of the day into six or seven small meals that include plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates that aren't refined and are rich in fiber.
If you still aren't believing that the key to a sensational physique hinges on feeding your body as opposed to starving it, you should talk to Jennifer Lawrence, star of "Hunger Games," and its sequel, "Catching Fire."
OK, so maybe you can't exactly call her at a moment's notice, but her conditioning coach Dr. Joe Horrigan isn't shy about revealing the secret to Lawrence's program and eating plan for the film. Horrigan altered the meals to include Lawrence enjoying carbohydrates for the sake of energy, thus pushing her through the exercise portion of the regimen.
It's ironic that Lawrence's movie is titled "Hunger Games," because she's doing anything but starving herself for the role. Instead, she's fueling her body with foods that don't necessarily make her feel lethargic, and she's certainly not afraid to eat to gain good weight.
For those of us who don't have our own team of trainers or nutritionists on staff, you still have more than a fighting chance for weight loss success. Christine Avanti is a celebrity nutritionist and authored "Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food." Avanti dishes the dirt on how to systematically set goals, devoid of dieting or eliminating just about everything from your plate.
Avanti suggests a game plan that consists of dumping the packaged foods from your pantry, always keeping your workouts updated, new and fresh, and shopping smart. Buying the right foods, ones that are fresh and organic, will go a long way toward you reaching your goal. As far as tossing food you already have, look at it as will power versus wastefulness. Avanti isn't a proponent of simply throwing away food for the sake of doing so but rather implements simple strategy: if you can't pronounce at least five ingredients in the packaged food, don't bother keeping it.
Perhaps the most prudent advice Avanti gives her celebrity clientele is a lesson that anyone, regardless of stature, can rally behind.
Don't be afraid to eat.

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