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Pluggz and Play: Winter shoes and jackets hardly falling flat

When you think of winter shoes, you immediately start imagining heavy duty boots and trudging mercilessly through the elements that define this frigid, unfriendly season. The same could be said about winter coats as well.
As far as stepping out on the snow and ice looking extremely fashionable, that's a winter wonderland that seems more like a dream than reality.
Style doesn't have to be left out in the cold completely, however, as a few shoe entities aren't panicking about the winter fashion season but rather taking a calmer approach.
Just put one foot in front of the other and focus on shoes that are fun, cute and filled with practicality.
Flats are a favorable choice this holiday season, and that bodes well for Pluggz, a shoe brand that beautifully crafts that particular look in the form of loveable loafers underscored with incredible health benefits.

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The unique aspect of Pluggz is its penchant for not only melding winter and wonderful in the form of delectable, chic shoes but the technology behind, or in this case underneath, the shoe itself. Pluggz employs a "grounding" effect to its brand of shoes that equate to feeling as though you're walking around barefoot. The "grounding" is a black, rubber plug on the bottom of each shoe that gives you a spring in your step, even if it is winter.
This intense, comfortable cultivation comes as a welcomed change to consumers who hardly are content with winter shoes that add an extra five or ten pounds to every step.
In addition to ditching the overweight shoes during the colder months, men and women aren't exactly overly thrilled with their bulky, flattering jackets to boot. Staying warm is a must, but that shouldn't come at the expense of looking fabulous regardless of the weather.
Free Country comes to play in this regard with a tantalizing take on jackets for women. Their collection for ladies was created with the female form in mind, instead of simply churning out coats that probably look as though they'd fit your husband.
The attractive aspect of Free Country is their propensity to taper the waistlines of their jackets, for a more fitted, fashion oriented feel to the brand. Suddenly, the thought of bundling up in layers is replaced with absolutely adoring your outerwear.
This isn't to suggest that certain days of heavy duty snowfall won't lend itself to lugging around boots or subzero temperatures that might call for a few more layers. But on those days that aren't quite so extreme, you'll enjoy knowing that your shoes, boots and coats don't have to be, either.

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