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Baby Proof: Life as a parent needs more than a small dose of convenience

Combining the words "baby" and "easy" is a job for only the best retailers in the world, the ones that know being a parent is arguably the hardest occupation in the world, and one that needs more than just a helping hand from time to time.
About a handful of marketing adjectives stand out to moms and dads when it comes to products that relate to taking care of their baby. Words like "convenient," "safe," "non-toxic" and the aforementioned "easy" tend to tempt parents for all the right seasons.
Let's face it, even the most intent, studious and well-informed parent probably could use an item that makes life with children that much easier. That mantra is a driving force behind manufacturers, brands and retailers as they carefully piece together the products parents absolutely must have to help those first few months and years of raising a child simply fly by.
In other words, the right product can help ease moms and dads alike into the subtleties of parenthood, rather than throw them in head first with little more no preparation or practice.
Call it baby steps, so to speak.

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Perhaps other than picking a pediatrician, parents probably will spend countless hours mulling over which stroller or car seat (or booster seat for older kids) is best. The latter can turn into quite the laborious process, almost to the point that you feel as though you're buying a car, rather than just a baby car or booster seat. That said, the car seat is one that deserves the utmost of your attention, especially given that safety, in the event of crash, combined with choosing the right car seat can minimize injuries
If safety is absolutely paramount, then convenience is second on this list of car seat criteria. The same sentiment could be echoed for booster seats for the kids who are too old for car seats but still need something to stay safe. Parents know the feeling of fumbling around with car seats that simply won't comply and cause more consternation than convenience.
One foreseeable and fantastic option is the renowned BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat for older children. There are accolades and praise for the BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat and with good reason. This little bundle of BubbleBum is beautiful in how it is designed, especially the location of the lap band of the belt. It sits low enough to prevent further injury should an accident occur. Countless tests on the BubbleBum furthered that point as far as the booster seat not breaking or having the buckle release upon impact.
If you're a parent, you also understand that while you're not worrying if your son or daughter is safe, then the rest of your time is spent picking up toys or pacifiers and wiping them off. The timeless art of kids tossing anything they're playing with or sucking on to the ground leaves parents plenty busy cleaning and contemplating a better way to avoid germs and sickness when it comes to their children.
Thankfully, Loopy Gear isn't quite as crazy of an idea as you think. The brand developed a stylish, elastic band that attaches on one end to your kids' wrist and the other to the toy or pacifier they're playing with at the time. Not only is Loopy Gear available in a variety of colors, but parents can wash it, dry it and know that it is completely safe for kids to wear. When your toddler isn't wearing Loopy Gear, you can attach the band to a stroller, car seat or high chair, so the items are organized and safe to play with any time.
No one is going to suggest any time soon that parenting is simple, but there's nothing wrong with finding a few items along the way that, at the very least, make it a little less trying at times.

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