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Youth Gone Wild: Volcom is passion, heart and uniqueness personified

The Volcom brand is one that is shrouded with praise, creativity and adulation and with good reason.
The brains behind Volcom stress that the clothing, footwear and accessories are merely an extension of what the company mantra and mentality have been since day one: truth.
Now, that isn't to suggest that Volcom is calling out its competitors as falsely selling skewed merchandise or using marketing tactics to lead the consumer astray.
Rather, Volcom dispels and vehemently rejects the notion that its success should somehow sway its origin or the real reason it got into the business of retail in the first place.
Lost amidst the youth inspired products put forth by Volcom is its insatiable ability to adapt to virtually any audience, even if their core demographic is a younger one. The true tenacity of an organization, regardless of what they're selling or producing, is staying true to its roots while still managing to put forth items that everyone can relate to, even if you're not part of the company's core audience.

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Enter the Volcom footwear for the winter months, for men and women.
Of course, Volcom was founded in 1991 on a snowboarding trip so the brand is no stranger to cold weather or the time of year that produces snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Staying warm is paramount, and Volcom manages to keep its style unchanged but still offer a Holiday Collection that is a can't miss.
Volcom's mesmerizing masterpiece, dubbed "Crush," is a high top shoe for women that is incredibly comfortable and remarkably easy on your ankles and feet thanks to technology that allows you to feel weightless while standing. The days of digging out your old snow shoes or not so flattering boots gives way to Volcom's meld of practicality and style. The "Crush" line comes in black or the always loveable and eye catching leopard print.
Don't worry guys, Volcom didn't forget about you, either. While fashionable footwear might not be high on the list for men, it's nice to know that you have a few more favorable options. Heavy duty, work boots often suffices for guys, but Volcom takes that approach and throws in a bit of flare, without overdoing it.
Volcom's offering is the impressive "Sub Zero" shoes for men, which combines rubber soles and superior warmth, without the overt combat look and feel to them. That is especially important if guys want their winter boots and shoes to serve more than a sole purpose. The "Sub Zero" catches the attention of men simply because the boots work whether you're out in the elements, trudging through inclement weather or simply want to wear them with jeans for a casual look.
In a sea of commonality and the complacent, Volcom is a refreshing, grass roots story of a company that made it big without sacrificing its inherent principles and beliefs en route to success. That's the kind of vision that you can easily rally behind and would have no trouble walking more than just a mile in Volcom's shoes.

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