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Clothing Optional: Ditch the holiday tradition, when it comes to your favorite clothes

If you've seen one Thanksgiving turkey sweater, that's one too many.
The fashion challenged segment of the holiday population simply refuses to retire their garments that garner anything but rave reviews. Christmas trees are meant for a front yard, a corner of your living room or displayed prominently at the office.
They certainly don't belong on the front of a shirt. That goes for the general public, and the workforce that is in constant view of the general public, such as bank tellers, cashiers or school teachers just to name a few.
You'll kick, scream and argue all the way through to New Year's Day that you're filled with holiday cheer and your subsequent choice in clothing is the epitome of that excitement. That reasoning isn't exactly sound, especially when you're wearing a reindeer on your chest.
Far too often, leaving the house looking stylish isn't synonymous with the holidays. Instead, you've developed a propensity for picking out what looks comfortable, even if it that particular article of clothing should have been retired years ago.

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Not all of your holiday clothing needs to register a "10" on the fashion Richter scale; even the most stylish outfit needs a piece of clothing that acts as the backbone of the ensemble. Second Base steals the show as a quintessential retailer that deals directly in camisoles to wear under your soon to be stunning holiday clothing. The "Tricia" is a line of camisoles that are can't miss as undergarments that are overwhelmingly well designed in their look and, especially, feel. The "Tricia" is incredibly versatile in the varying of sizes and lengths (demi, midi and maxi) and easily dresses up or adds a different look to any number of outfit options.
Another holiday misstep is the idea that big and bulky is totally acceptable, whether you're talking about coats, hats or scarfs. Staying warm obviously is the main goal, but achieving it doesn't have to come at the expense of looking your best.
Take the scarf, for example. Simply selecting one without any regard for color, look or feel is flat out silliness. Instead of choosing a bland scarf or accessory as part of your holiday look, why not try to dress it up a bit with accessories that double as practical and practically flawless.
Bijuju is a boutique, accessory retailer that helps turn your frumpy, grumpy holiday clothing into a sizzling, sensational surge of fashion enthusiasm and confidence. Their scarfs, for example, buck traditional fare as far as being painfully drab. Rather, Bijuju boasts an array of winter scarfs that scream individuality and fabulous, with such names as "You'll Never Need Another" and the aptly titled "Keep Me Warm."
Bijuju bucks the notion that you can't be trendy and comfy at the same time.
Thankfully, that means your horrendous holiday attire and snowman sweater can stay in the drawer this year.

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