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Season's Givings: Hectic shopping doesn't deter some companies from embracing holiday spirit

Far too often, the holiday season is flanked by headlines that center on the hottest toy, the latest gadget or the subsequent riots that ensue in search of them.
Pushing and shoving for a PlayStation 4 or trampling over a crowd of people for the newest iPad doesn't exactly invoke visions of a time of year that is supposed to be about spending time with family or reminding yourself with each unwrapped present or bite of food that not everyone has the good fortune of enjoying the holidays.
As far as retailers, they're main objective is to increase sales and drive home that final quarter of their fiscal year with revenue that rejuvenates their bottom line. That's admirable from a business sense and certainly shouldn't be frowned upon, especially when you're talking about helping the economy and ensuring employment for hundreds of thousands of people.
But why can't a retailer be more than just spreadsheets and soaring financial numbers? Why can't your favorite store secure their rightfully place in the market, yet still find time to give back during the holiday season?
For some, that's simply business as usual.

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It's especially gratifying when a fashion mogul and celebrity such as Jessica Simpson stands behind her incredible line of products and merchandise, but isn't shy about showing off her charitable side, too. This holiday season, Jessica Simpson is featuring a "March of Dimes" bracelet that checks in for a modest sticker price of less than $5.
Simpson's bracelet is available through Destination Maternity, Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. Those stores are working in conjunction with Simpson to ensure that $1 of every bracelet is given to the March of Dimes in an effort to keep babies happy and healthy.
In addition to Simpson, those aforementioned stores should be incredibly high on your shopping list given their penchant for helping the effort of the March of Dimes. The true glow of those retailers and Simpson supporting a good cause is the revelation that they simply don't have to do this but rather choose to incorporate proceeds as part of their overall mission.
The same can be said for Heaven Styles Boutique, which doesn't have the benefit of Simpson and her fame leading the way, but still make it a point to donate to a myriad of organizations that work tirelessly to find a cure for cancer. Naturally, their goal is to sell clothing but not at the expense of looking greedy or ignoring a larger issue at hand.
These types of stores, retailers and celebrities tell a story that isn't centered on tracking down a smart phone or making sure the hottest gifts of the year find their way to your home. Instead, their gift is one of selflessness and sanctity in knowing that a greater good is being done well beyond just making money.

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