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North Poll: Is giving the gift of travel the best holiday option?

North Poll: Is giving the gift of travel the best holiday option?

Flying through the aisles of a retail store in search of the perfect gift typically defines the shopping experience as the holidays approach.
How about instead of the same old gift giving approach you surprise someone on your wish list with something a little different than the hottest electronic gadget or that same old shirt and tie combo?
Giving the gift of travel often is overlooked simply because it isn't featured in a retail store circular or isn't necessarily a tangible item you can box up and put a bow on it.

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The lack of a gift wrapping and a ribbon doesn't make travel any less of a worthwhile option as a gift. In fact, it might be the surprise that no one is going to expect.
From a convenience standpoint, booking a flight or piecing together the perfect cruise can be done seamlessly online from the comfort of your own home, minus the crowds pushing and shoving that is associated with holiday shopping.
The heavy hitters of the online travel industry are apt to offer tremendous deals to ensure you haven't forgotten about them in the midst of finding sweaters, shoes or gaming systems this year. Black Friday is a flurry of sales, a majority of which are in person transactions.
But Cyber Monday seems tailor made for traveling deals.
If you're more apt to go directly to the hotel of choice, you might find deals that dabble in the neighborhood of up to 50% off room rates, a sure fire way to deliver a gift that won't destroy your holiday budget but still make quite the statement.
For example, you can visit Turnberry Isle Miami, a retreat that is dripping with Mediterranean culture and amenities such as golf courses and restaurants filled with delectable dishes. They're room rates are being discounted as part of Cyber Monday up to 30%, much to the delight of those booking and, of course, eventually staying at one of these world class rooms.
MENIN Hotel in Miami Beach throws its proverbial hat into the holiday travel ring with 25% off any of their hotels for the entire Cyber Monday event. What person on your gift list wouldn't want to trade in their bulky winter coats and heavy duty snow boots for an impromptu trip to sunny Miami, Florida?
There's nothing written that the discounts put forth by hotels and travel agencies alike need to necessarily be just for gifts. You may be apt to change up your holiday routine and opt for jetting somewhere other than a dinner table.
Either way, it sure beats fighting through shopping crowds or standing aisle at the same old cookie tray.

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