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Call Me Maybe? Black Ops 2 Is Sensational But Is It Too Realistic To Purchase

The intensity and realism displayed in most video games comes with positive and negative reviews. No game defines both ends of the gaming spectrum quite like Black Ops 2, released late in 2012.
Black Ops 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor as a first-person shooting game that boasts unparalleled graphics and sensational game play. Available for most major game systems such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, Black Ops 2 received plenty of praise from consumers and reviewers alike who traditionally fawn all over games of this sort.
Black Ops 2 certainly is a far cry from Super Mario Brothers, the loveable Mario and Luigi quickly are replaced by muscle-bound soldiers fighting. Black Ops 2 blows away the competition with life-like characters and accompanying storylines that rival that of big-budget blockbusters that star the likes of Will Smith, Tom Cruise and The Rock. Those storylines include aspect that flash back to the 1980s and then flip forward to the future.
Much like those aforementioned action heavyweights draw millions at the box office, Black Ops 2 streams a significant amount of revenue for its creators. The Black Ops franchise frequently ranks as the most popular game upon release and generates millions of dollars in revenue.
Those millions certainly mean the Black Ops games show no signs of waning and future release seem almost a given.

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One amazing aspect of games such as Black Ops 2 is its game play truly captivates its audience in terms of not only the act of sitting and playing but actually paying attention to the strategy that goes along with it.
The days of games being passive or whimsical are gone. Mario and Luigi retired and have given way to role-playing games that put you in command of an enthralling set of circumstances driven by a tough-guy character you control.
While most consumers salivate over the gore and graphics of Black Ops 2, some question whether it is too real for its own good. Blood, guts and severed limbs saddle Black Ops 2 with an adult rating, even though a good portion of gamers are teenagers.
That said, it always comes down to the simple act of monitoring and explaining. Kids not quite capable of understanding the game play or gore shouldn't be buying the game and those who do need to understand that Black Ops 2 is entertainment -- and nothing more.
Black Ops 2 score major points for its storytelling originality and attention to detail. Much like a PG-13 or R-rated movie, Black Ops 2 connects wholeheartedly with its intended audience and doesn't apologize for its content.

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