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Sticky Situation: Taking a tumble in heels takes back seat

It's called "The Fall of Shame." And if you don't know what it means, consider yourself lucky.
Have you ever fallen in public? If you answered that question affirmatively, welcome to the club. This isn't exactly the type of recognition you're clamoring for, especially if you're not exactly overwhelmed with joy when you fall in front of a crowd of people.
Plenty of high profile, successful women have wiped out in public, mostly because they're constantly at odds with their high heeled shoes and simply can't win the balancing act between wearing the footwear they enjoy and wishing or hoping they don't tip over as a result.
The thought of wearing a pair of sneakers in place of stilettos with that beautiful black dress for an evening out pretty much kills any idea of employing a stunning ensemble. While you're at it, why not just throw on some sweat pants and call it a night.
Now, the "Fall of Shame" isn't meant to make women feel bad, but anyone who has ever taken an ill advised tumble in high heels knows just how low that makes you feel. This is especially true if your fall occurs during an event that doesn't come with a do over, such as a wedding, prom or even other grandiose get together.

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No bride to be or would be wife wants her lasting wedding memory to be her falling just before arriving at the altar. As much fun as it would be to capture that silliness on camera, it's not exactly the "I do" you want.
You're embarrassed. You're appalled. Hopefully, you're not hurt.
Undaunted, you dust yourself off and pick yourself off the ground, and determined not to allow this to happen again.
Sticky Shoes seals the deal and puts an end to serious slips, trips and falls. Suddenly, you're not afraid to flash that much deserved spring in your step, without the fear of taking a spill in at the most inopportune time.
Sticky Shoes, much like all wondrous and remarkable inventions, is quite simple in how it works. Sticky Shoes is an adhesive strip that is doubled sided and fits snugly into the heel part of the shoe. What makes Sticky Shoes so superb is that they're safe and stay in place. In other words, you and your shoes will be sturdy no matter what the day brings.
Whether you're spending a majority of your day on your feet or simply walking from your car to your front door, Sticky Shoes allows you to seamlessly move from one spot to another and feel secure in doing so.

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