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Added Bonus: Finish off your holiday shopping with superb stocking 'stuffers'

Thanks to plenty of savvy marketing and online prowess from retailers, finding the gift at the top of your holiday list isn't too difficult. It's everything else that may prove a bit more daunting.
From Playstation 4 to the latest and greatest smart phone or tablet, chances are those friends or family you're buying for have made it perfectly clear exactly what they want and where to find it.
That includes some holiday hints like leaving a newspaper ad under your pillow or sending you a not so subtle email or text that links you directly to the product they've been admiring since mid July.
Often the biggest holiday hurdle comes in the form of finishing off your shopping with a few extras that complement the big ticket items. These "stocking stuffers" of sort often get overlooked but are just as welcomed, wanted and dazzling and add complete any shopping foray with a dash of fun, style or flare.
So how does one find that perfect gift?

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Combining what the person on your list enjoys, whether they're into technology, fashion or collectibles, and a little bit of practicality for the particular season often is recipe for remarkable results.
Not too many women would argue that a pair of fashionable shoes for the winter season would serve as a tremendous, tantalizing accessory. Let's say that same person would absolutely adore a wondrous pair of boots but also is an avid walker who wants to stay warm in the process. Acropedico deals directly in comfort and chic with boots that are equal parts cozy and contemporary. Two incredibly popular choices that fit nicely as part of any gift giving repertoire are the R66 Boot and the Milan 2. The latter is quite versatile and can be dressed down or worn as part of a stylish winter ensemble.
Most importantly, the Milan 2, which is available in black or brown, is warm.
The R66 also revels in its warmth in addition to distinct designs and rubber soles, for those occasional run ins with snow and ice. Those big, clunky boots that typically combat winter weather often don't match their effectiveness with a look that is loveable.
And as long as you're buying boots, why not add a few amazing accessories to them. M Jewels offers an array of brightly colored tassels and jewels that give any footwear a flare that is unmatched. The most redeeming part of M Jewels is that their products aren't specific to winter as the tassels and jewels can be transferred from your winter boots to summertime flip flops with a simple clip.
Equally renowned for its usefulness and dual purpose is the HB Super, specifically their "Comeback" hoodie. This perfectly crafted top is a fantastic fleece top that is warm, washable and, for that music lover on your list, includes built in headphones. Thanks to HB Super, you're days of misplacing your headphones or leaving them lying behind while you're out are no more.
For the guys on your list that love their video games but have trouble piecing together a decent outfit, you'd be wise to take a long luck at UNTUCKit and RumbaTime. The former brand boasts a sense of style that any man can wrap his head around, even if clothes aren't his main concern. UNTUCKit simply designs clothing for men that are functional and meant to be worn casually but not for the sake of looking like a slob.
UNTUCKit pieces together an inventory of polos and button down delights that were created to for the sole reason of not tucking them in; what guy can't get behind that concept? RumbaTime is quite similar to UNTUCKit with a mindset that guys want functionality minus the flare. RumbaTime sports a myriad of watches that are equal parts affordable and adored by men who search out timepieces that aren't overly flashy but still make a statement.
And thanks to your shopping prowess and propensity for piecing together a wish list that goes above and beyond one, lone item, those receiving those gifts also have something to say: thank you.

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