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The Price of Fit: Looking great at the gym is more than just a sculpted physique

If you're new to the gym or plan on hitting the weights in the new year for the first time in years, you're probably not figuring to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes for your forage into fitness.
Those old sweat pants and ripped up T-shirt or sweatshirt should suffice, right?
Maybe this year, they won't have to.
Walking through the aisles of a sporting goods store or glossy, glamorous retailer that specializes in outdoor apparel often leads you past a section of clothing for men and women that might be just as intimidating as the gym itself.
The clothing looks like it was tailor made for only the already athletic, but the real detraction is the price tag that accompanies everything from shirts to pants to jackets. The hefty cost associated with looking like a perfect 10 at the gym before your feet ever touch a treadmill often sends you screaming in the opposite direction, most likely toward what you already own. Spending a ton of cash on new gym clothes is dismissed in favor of anything you can rummage through and find in a closet.

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Paint stained pants probably seem just fine at this point.
The trick to taming your inhibitions when it comes to piecing together a perfectly acceptable outfit for your exercise regimen rest on finding a retailer that can bestow upon you the best of both words. Why can't you have clothing that kills at the gym without completely destroying your budget in the process? Furthermore, you want to look for clothing brands in the fitness realm that appeal to a wide array of gym goers, whether you're a rookie or a renowned, long standing exerciser. That "appeal" comes in the form of a versatile inventory that offers plenty of options, regardless of your experience level.
For guys, you're best bet might be the XT46 line of clothing, which is brimming with a plethora of fitness related apparel for a reasonable price. Mesh training shorts check in for less than $20, and the same can be said for the Cold Weather, long sleeved tee.
The ladies will absolutely love K-Way, Tees by Tina, Pheel and The Girls as options to line their newly created fitness closets. Pheel and The Girls earn major points with their "Essence" and "Tye Dye" tank tops, respectively, while K-Way leads the way with a hooded pullover jacket that is both stylish, practical and, most importantly, affordable.
So even if you're not quite ready to deem yourself a fitness guru, you still certainly can look the part.

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