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Slam Dunk: Your favorite sports fan won't be shy about showcasing superb socks

You've met this type of fan before, right?
This is the guy or gal that doesn't miss a game, regardless of what might be going on at that very moment.
Dinner with the family? That's what checking Twitter under the table is for.
How about a big business meeting or conference call looming in just a few short hours? You've got your friends sending text messages with play by play or have your smart phone dialed in to the Redzone Channel or ESPN for instant updates.
They'll also be the one decked out in paraphernalia for their favorite team, including a completely painted face, multiple jersey combinations and even footwear embroidered with the team logo.

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They don't just go to a tailgating party; they are the party.
So that's why no gift for the fanatic sports fan is off limits, no matter how unique or unusual it might be. If you've come into contact with fans like this, truly nothing is off limits.
You're talking about New England Patriots' barbeque grills, mats for your car that say "Boston Red Sox" or the obligatory license plate touting your love affair with the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Fans of the NBA who can't help but watch the every move of LeBron James or marvel at the magic that is the 2013 Indiana Pacers probably won't scoff at the idea of getting socks as a gift, especially if they're from the Stance brand.
Stance is the Michael Jordan of socks with a tremendous presence in the marketplace and a reputation and revenue to match. They've taken their love affair with socks and secured a place in the hearts of every NBA fan with their "NBA Legends" line of socks.
These aren't lame socks you'd quickly toss aside or the ones that reek of boredom in the board room but rather are adorned with the likes of legendary ball players like Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing or Bill Walton. The socks feature action shots of your favorite NBA Hall of Famers that is incredibly detailed and life like.
If you'd rather show an allegiance to an entire team, Stance has you, and your feet, covered. They're inventory also includes socks that show your loyalty to the Lakers, Knicks or Bulls as part of the renowned NBA "Hardwood" collection.
Anyone who takes one glance at these superb socks and thinks to themselves that they're too much needs to have their title as super fan immediately revoked.

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